Lighthouse Autism Center Staff Spotlight: Ian

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Lighthouse Autism Center Staff Spotlight: Ian

Ian’s  Lighthouse Autism Center Journey

Ian is an IT Help Desk Specialist at Lighthouse Autism Center and has been with Lighthouse Autism Center since August of 2020. He started at TBS in 2019 in Greenfield, IN, which was acquired by Lighthouse in January 2020. Ian was a Registered Behavior Technician from 2020 to 2021, then he became a Senior Therapist at Lighthouse’s Anderson Center. Rather than go to college, Ian started as a Behavior Technician in 2016 in Muncie, IN, where he became an RBT. Ian considers himself to be a band nerd at heart, and he has participated in 16 years of combined marching band, and indoor percussion experience as a performer, educator, and visual designer. His primary instrument is the Euphonium. Ian marched with the Oregon Crusaders Drum and Bugle Corps in 2017 and got to perform at Lucas Oil Stadium for Semi Finals. He loves to play Magic the Gathering and League of Legends. Ian has been married for 3 years and has a son, Connor who is 2 years old. You may see him on video call with Ian sometimes!

What made you decide to apply to Lighthouse?

I applied for the IT position at Lighthouse because I really wanted to participate at a higher level, but I also knew I didn’t want to pursue a BCBA license since I did not plan to go to school.

What is your favorite part of working at Lighthouse Autism Center?

One of my favorite things about Lighthouse Autism Center and the people in it, is the unified pursuit of excellence and quality of care for the learners. Working as an RBT was a tough job, and working in IT brings its share of challenges, but I can say with certainty that the MO is clear from top to bottom in each department and each center. Everyone wants to be the best they can be for the learners. I see it when I video chat PMs and RBT Trainers alike at a center. I can hear it in the background when staff and learners laugh and learn together. It’s the aspect of my job I cherish most. Each video call brings with it an ambience of center life that I left behind.

How would you describe your experience working for Lighthouse?

There are some really great people working for LAC that are looking for talent, and that extends beyond just skill in ABA. Opportunity will present itself, and when it does do not hesitate to put yourself out there.

Ready for a career where you can make a difference?

Lighthouse Autism Center to Open New Autism Center in Kearney Nebraska!

Lighthouse Autism Center is Bringing Autism Therapy Services to Kearney, Nebraska

Lighthouse Autism Center (LAC) continues to expand, now with a network of centers in now five states – quite a journey from its humble beginnings serving four families in one building to now serving hundreds of families across five states for over a decade. It is truly amazing.  Our services to the Kearney community include ABA therapy, our unique approach to speech therapy called Lighthouse Fusion®, autism diagnostic testing, parent training, pre-academic learning, and more!

Kearney Autism Center coming, Summer of 2024

Our newest play-based ABA therapy center in Kearney, Nebraska makes three children’s Lighthouse autism Center’s to open in Nebraska. This new center is slated to open in the summer of 2024. Kearney Autism Center will provide autism services to 25 families and create over 35 new jobs in the area.

With a mission of providing the highest quality autism services to children and families through our facilities, Lighthouse Autism Center has sought to do just that in Kearney, Nebraska. As the need for ABA services continues to grow, Lighthouse seeks to fill that need by expanding into facilities that can accommodate a larger capacity of learners, helping more families and children with autism, reach their goals.

Lighthouse Autism Center is the Midwest’s leading autism therapy provider

With beautiful child-lead autism therapy clinics that promote natural and play-based learning, and a team of highly trained and compassionate clinicians, Lighthouse Autism Center brings together compassionate care and clinical excellence to offer the highest quality ABA therapy to children with autism.

With a unique speech therapy model called Lighthouse Fusion®, children at Lighthouse are making greater progress, faster, all while having fun. While other ABA centers typically keep ABA and speech therapies separate, Lighthouse Fusion provides children with greater opportunity for speech development by fusing speech therapy directly into a child’s daily programing. We invite you to learn more here about how this innovative clinical model is helping to unlock each child’s potential. 

To learn more about Lighthouse Autism Center or enroll your child, contact our Family Outreach Coordinator at 402-534-1486 or visit our website.

Kearney Center Contact Information

810 East 56th Street

Kearney, Nebraska 68847

Family Outreach Phone: 402-534-1486

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