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ABA Therapy

What is Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)?

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy focuses on the principles and techniques of learning theory to help increase or decrease certain behaviors. ABA therapy is a scientifically validated approach to understanding learning and behavior by looking at the function of the behavior and the environment in which it occurs.

Anything a person does is considered a behavior: talking, eating, coloring, tying shoes, etc… ABA Therapy looks at a particular behavior, studies the purpose behind a behavior to understand in what circumstances that behavior occurs, then uses various techniques to change the behavior, teach a new behavior, or a more functional way of doing that behavior.

ABA Therapy at Lighthouse

How ABA Therapy Benefits Children with Autism

ABA Therapy principles have been applied since the early 1960s to both children and adults with various developmental diagnosis. Since then, there has been an evolution and improvement in the therapy techniques used in ABA, however, the core teaching of ABA has stayed the same. ABA is scientifically validated and data driven and consistently shows the best outcomes for children with autism. Today, ABA is the only therapy endorsed by the U.S. Surgeon General as an effective treatment for autism and is endorsed by a number of other state and federal agencies, in addition to physicians and advocates in the autism community. 

ABA therapy helps to (1) develop new skills, (2) shape and refine previously learned skills, and (3) decrease socially significant problem behaviors.     

ABA Therapy at Lighthouse Autism Center

At Lighthouse Autism Center, we offer the highest quality therapy in a beautiful, play-based environment. With an innovative speech therapy model called Lighthouse Fusion, children make greater progress, faster, all while having fun.

Children are immersed in imaginary spaces where they can naturally explore their interests, engage in sensory experiences, and practice language. Each child’s progress can be seen in smiles and laughter, because we know children learn best when they’re having fun.

We believe each child has unique and unlimited potential. At Lighthouse, we are committed to bringing together compassionate care and clinical excellence to unlock that potential and help each child achieve the possible.

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Tailored Therapy Programs to Meet Every Child’s Needs

Every child’s program is built to meet their unique needs. Although each program will look different, there are commonalities among ABA therapy programs offered at Lighthouse including:

Experts with Small Caseloads

Highly trained and experienced board certified behavior analysts (BCBAs) who design and oversee a child’s therapy program. Each BCBA oversees a max of 8 children to allow for individualized attention for each client.

Speech Therapy

Each child benefits from a speech-language pathologist who collaborates with your child’s BCBA and team of RBTs on speech, language and communication goals. This is part of our unique Lighthouse Fusion model.

Natural Environment Teaching

Our approach uses natural environment teaching (NET) to helps learners acquire skills through their natural environments and interests. This play-based approach makes our program not only fun, but highly effective for our learners.

Custom Therapy Programs

Each child will have a custom therapy program created following a detailed assessment by a BCBA. The program will include goals unique to the child’s skills and preferences, and incorporate parent and family goals.

Skill Acquisition

Treatment instruction and goals are developmentally appropriate and focus on a broad range of skills, such as sociability, communication, play, self-care, leisure, academic skills and motor development.

Long Term Development

Therapy goals emphasize skills that enable learners to become independent and successful, now and in the future.

Data Driven

The clinical team frequently reviews the child’s progress and data to make empirically based program adjustments. This is done through LAC’s Learner Outcomes Project.

Parent Involvement

Regular meetings between families and the clinical team allow for planning, review of the child’s progress and real-time adjustments of a child’s programming.

ABA Therapy is Changing Lives

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