Autism Diagnostic Services

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Diagnostic Services

Autism Evaluations for Children

Lighthouse Autism Center now offers autism evaluations at every Lighthouse location. If your child is missing developmental milestones, or you are seeing signs of autism in your child, it’s critical to seek an autism evaluation. Research shows that the earlier children are diagnosed, the better their outcomes. Early intervention is critical for children with autism and an autism diagnosis is the first step to early intervention.

Our autism evaluation team will work with you to collect the necessary paperwork to complete the evaluation and then schedule your child’s autism evaluation at a center near you.

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The Autism Diagnostic and Evaluation Process

Lighthouse Autism Center knows the importance of diagnosing autism spectrum disorders, early intervention, and making autism resources available to caregivers. We are here every step of the way and pride ourselves on a collaborative, clinical approach to assisting you through the diagnostic process.

Our team includes a licensed clinical psychologist, licensed clinical social workers and mental health counselors, as well as BCBAs.

To begin the process, you will attend a virtual parent interview with our psychologist or other qualified licensed professional, followed by an evaluation. During the evaluation, caregiver and child with meet with a qualified technician, which may include a BCBA or other licensed clinical professional for approximately one hour in which the clinician will administer an assessment, including either the Childhood Autism Rating Scale, Second Edition (CARS 2), Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule, Second Edition (ADOS-2), or other standardized assessment for evaluating autism in children. Our clinician will observe and interact with the child in several play activities.

Following the appointment, our licensed psychologist will reach out to you to review their diagnostic findings including any diagnoses provided as well as recommendations for next steps.

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  • Step 1: Contact Lighthouse Autism Center’s Diagnostic Team
  • Step 2: Submit necessary paperwork to our autism evaluation team
  • Step 3: Schedule your autism evaluation
  • Step 4: Complete autism evaluation and receive results / recommendations

Frequently Asked Questions

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Autism Diagnosis

If you suspect your child could benefit from our autism diagnostic services, don’t wait. Learn more about the diagnostic evaluation process now.

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