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About Lighthouse Autism Center

About Lighthouse Autism Center

Looking for a top-rated autism treatment center in Indiana or Michigan? Lighthouse Autism Center is an intensive, center-based ABA therapy provider that offers one-on-one ABA therapy as well as speech therapy services for children with autism. Lighthouse Autism Center is an ABA therapy center operated by Gregg and Sandy Maggioli, parents of a child with autism. They understand firsthand the struggles a family experiences when their child is diagnosed with autism. With over a decade of experience operating an ABA center, Gregg and Sandy bring the highest quality ABA therapy to centers in Indiana and Michigan. Together, they founded Lighthouse Autism Center to bring hope to every child, and every family.

The Lighthouse Autism Center - making a difference

Making a Difference

At Lighthouse Autism Center, we believe in providing hope for every child and every family. Follow the journey of three families from their child’s diagnosis to finding an ABA center, and the success their children have experienced at Lighthouse Autism Center.

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Signs of Autism

Behaviors that may indicate autism

  • Little or no eye contact
  • Resistance to being held or touched
  • Speech delays
  • Repetitive behaviors
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Don't Wait!

Ensure your child has the best start in life

  • If your child exhibits any signs of autism, do not wait to get them tested. The earlier they are diagnosed, the earlier they can be treated. Early intervention is the key to long-term success.
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Questions to Ask

Information you can use to help

  • Is 20-40 hours per week too much for my child?
  • How expensive is ABA?
  • How long will my child need center-based ABA therapy?
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ABA Therapy - How it Works

Applied Behavior Analysis is a type of intensive therapy that focuses on the principles and techniques of learning theory to help improve social behavior. ABA therapy helps to (1) develop new skills, (2) shape and refine previously learned skills, and (3) decrease socially significant problem behaviors.

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Why ABA Therapy?

The Lighthouse Way

  • To learn more about ABA therapy in Michigan or Indiana at Lighthouse Autism Center click below.
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Do I Need an Evaluation?

Is Your Child Showing Signs of Autism?

Early Intervention

Are you seeing the signs of autism in your child? Take the first step by getting your child evaluated. Early detection and diagnosis of autism leads to improved outcomes for your child. Not sure where to start? Contact Lighthouse Autism Center to learn about next steps and where you can have your child evaluated.

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Parent Testimonials

I can’t say enough positive things about the work that has been done with Garrett. He is a totally different kid now than when he started with Lighthouse in July. I was reluctant in the beginning because 8 hours a day, 5 days a week seemed like so much but it turns out that it was exactly what he needed. When we go to restaurants he orders his own food. At the wedding, not only did he do a fantastic job, he was spoken to by several people he had never met before and he responded appropriately to each person and was able to carry on a conversation.

(read more) - Mehgan, Mishawaka, IN

Everyday we waited to hear from the school that we had to come get our son because they were not equipped to handle him. In fact, I use to take my cellphone in to sales calls because I needed to be available to go get him at a moments notice.
The piece of mind I now take for granted, to an extent, when I drop him off is a true godsend. Everyone their seems genuinely interested in my son and his successes.
I cant say enough for what your staff has done for our son myself and his mother!

(read more) - Phil, South Bend, IN

In just three short months, Brody has made amazing progress. His communication and language skills have vastly improved, which has resulted in far fewer tantrums since he is better able to communicate with us what he wants or needs. He responds to his name usually on the first or second time we call to him, whereas this summer it sometimes would take us saying his name up to ten times until he faced us. I could go on and on, but the number one thing we want to thank the Lighthouse staff for is loving our child.

(read more) - Cam, Plymouth, IN

LAC has brought to our lives new inspiration. Two years ago, on December 3rd, Lexi began her journey with your team. I was nervous, excited, scared, and hopeful all at the same time. Every question I had about our choice to bring her to you was running wild through my thoughts: Would you understand her? Could you help her grow? Would you recognize her hidden intelligence? Would she be accepted? Would the staff love her and care for her the way we had always envisioned?
Every response is a resounding “YES!”

(read more) - Jodi, South Bend, IN

9 months ago we dropped Ethan off for his first day. We had no idea what to expect. Ethan didn’t interact much. We were all frustrated and lost.
Fast forward these short months and WOW! Ethan is a completely different kid! He expresses what he wants! He plays with his brothers and sister. He even looks for which sibling he wants! (Each one has something different to offer him). He calls for “da” and says “mama”.

(read more) - Elizabeth, Bremen, IN

The biggest thing I have noticed is that Lighthouse has taught him how to be so much more patient with himself, and to keep trying. A year ago he couldn’t play a video game for 30 seconds without getting frustrated and giving up , always wanting someone else to do it for him. Now when we play Mario, he tries over and over again to jump on something until he gets it, so impressive! They are teaching him to think outside of the box, if you can’t get something to work one way, try it another way

(read more) - Shannon, Granger, IN

As many of you can recall, prior to coming to the Lighthouse, our Chazzy boy had a permanent knot and scab on his forehead from repeatedly whacking his head out of frustration. He was flying into daily rages and was harming himself and us. Fast forward to today, and we see a completely transformed child. He charges to the front door and makes his daily grand entrance as if to say ” Hi everyone! I’m here!” We never know what he is going to learn next, but we are filled with joy and hopefulness that he will continue to thrive and grow.

(read more) - Donna, South Bend, IN

The Lighthouse staff has won our hearts, and our gratitude, for the incredible job they do with Chaz and all the kids – it is evident that they love and care for, and find joy in, each one of the children. As you all know, we moved to South Bend from Hawaii just over 5 years ago. In Hawaii, the word “aloha” is commonly used for a friendly greeting and warm farewell, but it is also used to describe the spirit of one who is kind, welcoming, caring, and mindful. The spirit of aloha infuses LACand all that goes on within its walls.

(read more) - Dick, South Bend, IN

We ask and expect a lot sometimes, so we appreciate your patience. The progress Hunter has made is leaps and bounds from where he was in a year and ½ ago and we have each and every one of you to thank for this. With your help and hard work you see to it that Hunter can achieve his goals and you help him learn new and exciting things every day. Please know that we are so grateful to all of you and appreciate your selfless work.

(read more) - Tara, South Bend, IN

How have you impacted Adam’s life? There are 3 areas that stand out to us and are in no particular order. Getting Adam to try any new foods outside his “home” foods continues to amaze us and we can’t help but shake our heads in bewilderment . Hands down you guys have gotten him to eat food we never could. Adam’s vocabulary has increased over 150 words when it comes to sign language. He continues to identify actions with words. Transitioning Adam to “big boy” underwear has been nothing short of amazing.

(read more) - Kub and Cheryl, South Bend, IN
*These testimonials were not solicited by Lighthouse Autism Center.

Center Locations

Indiana Centers

LAC Facility


Anderson Center

2519 E. 10th St.
Anderson, Indiana 46012

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LAC Facility


Avon Center

10 Coronado Rd.
Avon, Indiana 46234

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Mishawaka Edison Lighthouse Autism Center


Edison Center

3730 Edison Lakes Parkway
Mishawaka, Indiana 46545

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Elkhart North Center

415 Waterfall Dr
Elkhart, Indiana 46516

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23426 US-33
Elkhart, Indiana 46517

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Granger Center

12425 Adams Rd.
Granger, Indiana 46530

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Greenfield Center

1834 Fields Blvd.
Greenfield, Indiana 46140

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Indianapolis Center

1722 W. 16th St.
Indianapolis, Indiana 46202

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LAC Facility

New Castle

New Castle Center

2004 1/2 S. Memorial Dr.
New Castle, Indiana 47362

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Park Place Center

525 Park Place Circle
Mishawaka, Indiana 46545

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Plymouth Lighthouse Autism Center


Plymouth Center

1550 Pidco Dr.
Plymouth, Indiana 46563

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South Bend

South Bend Center

1827 E Ireland Rd
South Bend, Indiana 46614

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Warsaw Lighthouse Autism Center


Warsaw Center

1535 Provident Drive
Warsaw, Indiana 46580

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Michigan Centers


Kalamazoo Center

4625 W KL Ave
Kalamazoo, Michigan 49006

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Lighthouse Autism Therapy Center in Portage, Michigan


Portage Center

2314 Helen Avenue Suite 200
Portage, Michigan 49002

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