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Lighthouse Autism Center offers an innovative approach to ABA therapy called Lighthouse Fusion. Developed by our team of dually certified SLP/BCBA’s, some of only a handful in the world, this unique clinical model fuses the best of ABA and speech into one enhanced approach to autism therapy.

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Lighthouse Autism Center - The Midwest's Leading Autism Therapy Center

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ABA Therapy

Our Approach

The Lighthouse Fusion® Difference

Lighthouse Autism Center is proud to offer Lighthouse Fusion, an innovative and one-of-a-kind approach to autism therapy that fuses the best practices of behavior analysis and speech therapy. Designed by our team of world-renowned clinicians, children experience greater progress, faster.

Collaborative Approach

Each child has a BCBA/SLP, BCBA and RBT collaborating on goal development and delivering therapy.

Innovative Model

Each child can benefit from daily opportunities for speech development integrated into their ABA programming – no other autism therapy center offers this approach!

Better Outcomes

We are seeing children with autism make incredible progress in as little as one co-treat therapy session.

Where Compassionate Care Meets Clinical Excellence

Lighthouse Autism Center offers the highest-quality autism therapy in a beautiful, play-based environment. Children are immersed in imaginary spaces where they can naturally explore their interests, engage in sensory experiences, and practice language. Each child’s progress can be seen in smiles and laughter, because we know children learn best when they’re having fun.

We believe each child has unique and unlimited potential. At Lighthouse, we are committed to bringing together compassionate care and clinical excellence to unlock that potential.

Our Story

Unlocking Each Child’s Potential

Kairo loves Pete the Cat, playing with shaving cream, and being silly. Before starting with Lighthouse Fusion, Kairo was not producing vocal speech sounds resulting in challenges in communication. Now, he is communicating with over 15 words.   This content features a learner who is no longer receiving services at Lighthouse Autism Center. These photos, videos and testimonials were solicited to be used for advertising purposes and all appropriate consents were obtained.

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