Lighthouse Fusion® Therapy

An innovative approach to autism therapy that fuses the best practices of ABA and speech therapy into a one-of-a-kind clinical model that delivers better outcomes for children with autism.

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Lighthouse Fusion

An Innovative Approach to ABA Therapy

Designed by a team of dually certified clinicians, some of only a handful in the world, Lighthouse Fusion fuses ABA and speech into one enhanced therapy solution that delivers better outcomes for children with autism.

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What Makes Lighthouse Fusion Different

While Lighthouse Fusion is still ABA therapy, unlike other traditional therapy models, which keep ABA and speech therapy separate, Lighthouse Fusion brings them together, incorporating speech directly into a child’s ABA therapy programs.


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  • Traditional ABA Therapy Model – programs are designed by a BCBA and implemented by an RBT. The BCBA and RBT are trained clinicians on ABA therapy practices and design and implement behavior related therapy goals for children with autism.
  • Traditional Speech Model – Most ABA centers do not offer speech therapy, or if they do, it is offered and billed as an entirely separate service from ABA therapy. Whether at the center or at another provider, most children will only receive 30 minutes of speech therapy per week as approved by insurance. That is a very short window for a child to make progress in such an important area of development.
  • Lighthouse Fusion Model – With Lighthouse Fusion, our team of dually certified Board Certified Behavior Analysts and Speech Language Pathologists, are working collaboratively with your child’s BCBA and RBT to implement speech therapy directly into your child’s daily ABA programs. That means your child is going from receiving 30 minutes of speech a week, to receiving daily opportunities for speech development, ultimately leading to better outcomes for your child. BCBA’s and RBT’s also receive training on speech therapy techniques for even more opportunities for speech development in your child’s daily programs.

How We Fuse ABA and Speech

Co-Treat Sessions

These are sessions where a SLP/BCBA, BCBA, and RBT all collaborate to work together on your child’s speech, language and vocabulary goals. Co-treat sessions can take place with all three clinicians present, or with a SLP/BCBA participating virtually. This allows each child to access highly trained and skilled clinicians wherever they are.

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Speech Integration

With Lighthouse Fusion, children receive more opportunities for speech development than in traditional ABA therapy programs. Each child works with BCBA’s and RBT’s who are trained on speech techniques and able to integrate more speech goals into daily programming.

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Every BCBA and RBT receives ongoing training on speech therapy practices from our team of dually certified SLP/BCBA’s. Not only that, but they are on the cutting edge of research and development with new speech and behavior therapy techniques developed by our team of dually-certified clinicians.

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Together, we can unlock your child’s potential