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ABA Therapy for Autism

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Compassionate Care Meets Clinical Excellence

At Lighthouse Autism Center, we offer the highest quality therapy in a beautiful play-based environment. With our innovative Lighthouse Fusion® ABA therapy model, children make greater progress faster, all while having fun.

Children are immersed in imaginary spaces where they can naturally explore their interests, engage in sensory experiences, and practice their language skills. Each child’s progress can be seen in smiles and laughter — because we know children learn best when they’re having fun.

We believe every child has unique and unlimited potential. At Lighthouse Center for autism, we’re committed to bringing together compassionate care and clinical excellence to unlock that potential and help each child achieve the impossible.

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Lighthouse Fusion: Innovative Speech Therapy Program

ABA has long been the gold-standard for autism therapy. Research shows that building motivation and rewarding success is effective in delivering superior outcomes for children. Lighthouse Fusion® is an innovative and one-of-a-kind approach to speech therapy that provides children with greater opportunity for speech development. By Fusing speech therapy directly into a child’s daily programming, learners are making greater progress, faster, all while having fun.
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A Compassionate Team of Experts

Dually Certified Clinician

Lighthouse Autism Center has a team of dually-certified clinicians, some of only a handful in the world, that are both Board Certified Behavior Analysts and speech-language pathologists. These clinicians are experts in the fields of ABA and speech, and every learner at Lighthouse has the opportunity to work with these world-class clinicians.

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Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA) are certified clinicians with a master’s degree and specialized training in ABA therapy. Each BCBA is highly trained and manages small caseloads of children.They are responsible for monitoring treatment, continually updating programs, and ensuring that each child is set up for success.

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Registered Behavior Technician

A Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) is a certified clinician with extensive training provided by Lighthouse Autism Center. RBT’s work one-on-one with children to implement therapy programs developed by BCBA’s. They serve as one part of an entire team of passionate clinicians working towards each child’s success.

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The staff are amazing! Every person is always so friendly and polite. Every morning they greet Christian with enthusiasm and he looks forward to going to Lighthouse. Christian’s BCBA is always prompt in her communications with any news, questions, or concerns and the entire team is so attentive. Christian has food allergies and the therapists contacted us to remove an item we had accidentally sent in his lunch. It gave us so much confidence in that attention to detail for Christian!

– Christian’s Mom

You have opened up a whole new world of opportunity to Liam and our family. You have taken a little boy who could easily be overlooked, or left behind, and you have accepted and loved him for who he is. You see him, truly see him. You have changed the entire path of my son’s life and for that I am forever grateful.

– Liam’s Mom

I called Lighthouse and said ‘my child is showing signs of autism, I don’t know what to do.’ You helped me get him diagnosed, start ABA and now my son is graduating. He has grown into a completely different child. He wasn’t able to feed himself, dress himself, walk, and he was nonverbal. Looking at him now, you wouldn’t have a clue he couldn’t do all of those things. That’s thanks to all of you.

– Kiaran’s Mom

When Wyatt first began at Lighthouse, he had very few words; he mainly communicated by holding our hand and taking us to what he wanted. There was very little eye contact, very little response to his name, and no following of directions. Fast forward and Wyatt responds to his name, he is vocally communicating, he is following directions. The progress we have seen has been life changing for Wyatt and our family.

– Wyatt’s Mom

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