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Treatment and Resources for Autism

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Autism Services

Working Together to Support Children with Autism

At Lighthouse Autism Center, we work with families and healthcare professionals to educate our community about the importance of early intervention, the signs of autism, as well as insurance requirements for families to be able to access autism therapy services.

Autism Diagnosis

Resources for Healthcare Professionals

At Lighthouse Autism Center, the average age of diagnosis for learners is 5 years old. However, we can reliably diagnose as early as 18 months and sometimes even earlier. Oftentimes, children may have an observational diagnosis from a physician, or a diagnosis of autism provided by their school. However, this type of diagnosis is typically not sufficient for insurance, resulting in payors refusing to approve therapies such as ABA, Speech or OT. Families are then forced to spend more time in the diagnostic process, which can take months, and ultimately delays access to care.

Insurance can be challenging to navigate, but it is critical to accessing autism therapy services. Lighthouse is committed to working with healthcare professionals, educators, and other community members to educate stakeholders on the importance of a medical autism diagnosis, and the steps we must take to support families with autism.

Autism Evaluation

Types of Evaluations

While there are several different assessment tools that can be used for the evaluation of autism, there are only a handful that are typically accepted by insurance payors. Insurance typically requires a standardized autism evaluation in the form of the ADOS, CARS or MCHAT.

An observational diagnosis from a physician or autism diagnosis provided by a school are typically not accepted by insurance.

What’s Next

ABA Therapy and Autism

If a child does receive an autism diagnosis, there are several different therapy options available. However, Applied Behavior Analysis therapy (ABA) is considered the gold standard in autism therapy and works on things like, developing new skills, refining previously learned skills, and decreasing socially significant problem behavior. ABA has a longstanding reputation for delivering incredible outcomes for children with autism, particularly when it is used at an early age.

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The Lighthouse Fusion Difference

At Lighthouse Autism Center, we offer an innovative approach to speech therapy called Lighthouse Fusion.

Lighthouse Fusion® is an innovative and one-of-a-kind approach to speech therapy that provides children with greater opportunity for speech development. By Fusing speech therapy directly into a child’s daily programming, learners are making greater progress, faster, all while having fun.

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Refer a Patient

Submit a referral by completing the form or download the referral form below and fax the form and any accompanying documents to 574-217-4894.

Bringing Autism Awareness and Education to Our Community

Autism 101 Training

Lighthouse Autism Center offers free training to any local community organization or healthcare provider who is looking to better understand how to support and advocate for those with autism. Sessions are led by our highly trained and experienced team of BCBA’s and involves information on the signs of autism, characteristics of autism, and appropriate interactions and de-escalation techniques. These trainings are tailored to specific organizations such as first responders, police departments, medical facilities, libraries, and more. Participants are invited to ask our clinical team about specific situations or questions and we offer a free autism resource kit with each presentation. This kit includes materials that may allow individuals on the spectrum to meet their sensory needs and aid in simple communication.

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Request an Autism Training

Are you interested in supporting autism acceptance and advocacy in your community? Complete the form below to request an Autism Training with a member of our clinical team.

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