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Autism Developmental Milestones & Early Signs

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Know the Signs

Skills such as taking a step, smiling, waving, and speaking first words are called developmental milestones. Milestones matter! These offer important insight to your child’s development. Detecting missed milestones can be a key indicator that leads to an autism diagnosis in your child. Skills such as taking a first step, smiling for the first time, and waving, or verbally communicating are called developmental milestones.

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Next Steps

If suspect your child may have autism, learn more about Lighthouse’s diagnostic and evaluation services.

Importance of Early Intervention

Early intervention is critical in helping children with autism build skills that allow them to gain independence and improve overall quality of life. The sooner you identify whether your child has autism, the sooner you can get the resources your child needs to unlock potential and reach goals.

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Autism Services at Lighthouse Autism Center

Lighthouse Autism Center provides support to families at all stages of their autism journey. Our clinical psychologist offers autism evaluations for families who suspect their child may be on the spectrum. For families whose child has an autism diagnosis, we offer the highest quality ABA therapy in a natural play-based environment. With an innovative clinical model called Lighthouse Fusion™, ABA and speech therapy are fused together into one enhanced approach to autism therapy. Designed by a team of dually certified BCBA’s and SLP’s, some of only a handful in the world, Lighthouse Fusion is leading to better outcomes, faster, for children with autism. Each child benefits from a team of compassionate clinicians working together to develop goals, deliver therapy, and unlock their potential.

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If you suspect your child could benefit from our autism diagnostic services, don’t wait. Work with us to start the referral process now.

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