Feeding the Hungry with Hope Ministries

Therapy room at Lighthouse Autism Center with toys on a table with blue chairs and book shelves above

Feeding the Hungry with Hope Ministries

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President John Kennedy once said, “To those whom much is given, much is expected.”

The definition of much is relative depending on the circumstances that one comes from, sometimes it is simply being able to give the necessities, such as a hot meal and being able to share it with others.

Recently our staff took part in Feed the Hungry with Hope Ministries in South Bend. (Pictured above is Gregg Maggioli, Leila Allen, Emily Renee Parsons and Torri Larkins.)

The families we served were very thankful and the experience was a gratifying one for all of us. Lighthouse will continue to support Hope Ministries with volunteer efforts and purchasing food for the mission.

If you would like to help us and Hope help the community please take a look at their list of Urgently Needed Items  and donate what you can today. They also are always in need of volunteers, find out more about volunteering here.

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