My Child & Autism: How Long is Therapy?

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My Child & Autism: How Long is Therapy?

One of the most common questions parents ask when approaching the idea of therapy for a child with autism is “how long will my child need therapy?” Unfortunately, there is no easy answer or one solution for a child with autism. Each child is unique in their skills and goals. This means that each child’s therapy plan and programs, and the length of that therapy plan, will vary.

However, on average, most children are enrolled at a center for two years. While a child may only be enrolled for two years, that does not mean they only need two years of therapy. At Lighthouse, the goal is to transition children back to a classroom setting where some form of therapy continues. This may mean having a classroom aid work with them or setting up an IEP with the school. Other children may not need any support at all.

Autism Spectrum Therapies at Lighthouse

ABA therapy programs at Lighthouse Autism Center are full-time or part-time programs. This is based on the recommendation of the clinical team following an assessment of each child’s unique needs. A part-time program is 20 hours per week and can be mornings or afternoons. A full-time program is 40 hours per week and does replace school for a child.

Full-time ABA Therapy for Autism

A full-time program allows for a more thorough approach to therapy for the child. By enrolling them in a full-time program they are receiving the maximum amount of therapy they can. This is often recommended for young children with a focus on early intervention. If a child is enrolled in a full-time program at a young age, they significantly increase success in leading a more independent life. While every child is different, most children will begin to see improvements beginning their first week of therapy. It’s important to remember that ABA therapy involves taking large goals and breaking them into very small, measurable, and attainable goals for your child. These small goals will build on each other until they culminate in the achievement of a larger goal.

Center-based ABA Therapy for Autism

Center-based ABA therapy is when the therapy sessions take place inside an autism treatment center (as opposed to in another setting such as the home or community). Center-based therapy offers more consistency and more learning opportunities as well as opportunities to prompt different learning opportunities. This environment ultimately leads to better outcomes for children with autism.

Ultimately, there is no “cookie-cutter” approach when it comes to your child. At Lighthouse, we understand that and are dedicated to giving your child a unique and personalized experience that will help them to unlock their unlimited potential.

Together, we can unlock your child’s potential

Lighthouse Autism Center Staff Spotlight: Halle

Halle is the January 23 Lighthouse Autism Center Staff Spotlight

Meet Lighthouse Autism Center’s Staff Spotlight of the Month: Halle

Halle is a Registered Behavior Therapist at our Avon center. She has been with Lighthouse Autism Center since March of 2022. She is working towards her associates degree in Psychology from College of the Canyons located in Los Angeles. Halle recently got married and has two rescue pit-bulls. She was born and raised in LA and lived in Charlotte, North Carolina for 2 years before moving to Brownsburg, Indiana in March. Halle is very active in the drag racing community (NHRA) as her husband and his whole family work at John Force Racing.

What made you decide to apply to Lighthouse?

When I first moved from North Carolina I was looking for a job where I would have a lot of room to grow. One of my brothers was in an accident when he was little which caused a lot of neurological issues. I always volunteered in his class rooms growing up and loved getting to know all the kiddos! I knew I wanted a job where I could help kiddos learn and become the best versions of themselves and Lighthouse was the perfect fit! 

What is your favorite part of working at Lighthouse Autism Center?

My experience has been amazing so far, I have the best pod that has given me friends that I will have for life, and for that I am truly grateful! There are no bad days when you love what you do! It’s truly a great feeling that we are all working towards the same goal and everyone is equally passionate about all our kiddos! I would also like to thank my BCBA Amanda Allbee and my Senior Therapist Melissa Brosseau, without them I wouldn’t have the knowledge and skills that have today! 

Do you have a favorite memory from your time here?

One of my favorite memories from working at Lighthouse would have to be when one of our more nonverbal kiddos came in one day and after months of working on speech with her, she started having spontaneous vocals and the feeling was truly magical. It’s an amazing feeling to watch these kids continue to grow every single day! 

What advice you would like to share for those interested in a career at Lighthouse Autism Center?

My advice would be that if you’re interested in working with kiddos, or if you’re interested in a job that is truly rewarding you should give this Lighthouse a chance, you won’t regret it! Lighthouse has an incredible training process that will help you become the best RBT that you can be! 

Ready for a career where you can make a difference?

Lighthouse Autism Center to Open New Center in Davenport, Iowa!

Lighthouse Autism Center Opening in Davenport, Iowa

Lighthouse Autism Center (LAC) continues to expand, now with a network of centers in four states – quite a journey from its humble beginnings serving four families in one building to now serving hundreds of families across four states for over a decade. It is truly amazing.

Autism Services Center Opening Soon in Davenport

Our newest state-of-the-art ABA therapy center in Davenport, Iowa is Lighthouse autism Center’s first children’s autism center to open in Iowa. It is slated to open in the spring of 2023 providing autism services to 21 children and their families and create over 32 new jobs in the area. 

With a mission of providing the highest quality autism services to children and families through our facilities, Lighthouse Autism Center has sought to do just that in Davenport, IA. As the need for ABA services continues to grow, Lighthouse seeks to fill that need by expanding into facilities that can accommodate a larger capacity of learners, helping more families and children with autism, reach their goals.

Lighthouse Autism Center is the Midwest’s leading autism therapy provider

With beautiful autism therapy clinics that promote natural and play-based learning, and a team of highly trained and compassionate clinicians, Lighthouse Autism Center brings together compassionate care and clinical excellence to offer the highest quality ABA therapy to children with autism.

With a unique clinical model called Lighthouse Fusion®, children at Lighthouse are making greater progress, faster, all while having fun. While other ABA centers typically keep ABA and speech therapies separate, Lighthouse Fusion brings these two therapies together into one enhanced therapy solution. We invite you to learn more about how this innovative clinical model is helping to unlock each child’s potential. 

To learn more about Lighthouse Autism Center or enroll your child, contact our Family Outreach Coordinator at 563-526-0533 or visit our website.

Davenport Center Contact Information

5354 Elmore Circle

Davenport, Iowa 52807

Family Outreach Phone: 563-526-0533

Don’t see an autism treatment center listed near you? Contact us and let us know the area you are in, and we will notify you when we have a center opening near you!

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