Yeast and the Child with Autism

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Autism is a disorder that affects the mind, leading to slow and improper development of some social or motor skills as the child grows. Some symptoms can be caught in the child’s fetal stages but most families discover their child’s disorder through behaviors that arise as the child reaches toddler age.

While there is no cure in sight and no definite idea of what causes Autism yet, scientists have made strides in trying to help families with Autistic children to increase their child’s brain activity on a biological level to encourage growth through learning techniques and therapies. Several years ago, it was proposed and accepted by scientists and doctors across the nation that an overgrowth of yeast in the both can amplify the symptoms of Autism in children and adults. This overgrowth in the body is harmful in all people but becomes particularly disturbing in regards to Autism as it could be hindering the child’s mental development.

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