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Parent’s Day


This past weekend, Lighthouse Autism Center hosted a Parent’s Appreciation Day at both of our Mishawaka locations as well as  our Plymouth location. Parent’s were invited to bring their children to one of these locations for a free afternoon of child care. This is one of the many ways Lighthouse tries to give back to our families. A free afternoon of child care gives parents the opportunity to go out on a date, shopping, or simply relax at home without having to worry about their kids. We know how hard our LAC families work and we were happy to give back to them in this way. Lighthouse employees volunteered their Saturday afternoon to come into the centers and take care of the kiddos while their parents enjoyed the afternoon off.  We would like to give a special thanks to all of those who volunteered their time – this means a great deal to our families and is something we plan on doing again in the future!

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