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The Lighthouse Way: Low Turnover and Small Case Loads

The leading clinical staff are central to the quality of care at any ABA center. They are the Board Certified Behavior Analysts who write and oversee programs for individual clients.

When an ABA center has low turnover amongst its leading clinical staff, this is a good sign. Quality ABA centers should maintain low turnover to ensure a higher quality of care for their clients.

Another sign of a quality ABA center is a smaller caseload size per BCBA. BCBAs who are overwhelmed with higher caseload numbers simply won’t be able to provide the same level of attention to each individual child as they would with a smaller caseload.

At Lighthouse, we are all about low turnover and small caseloads. To prove it, we wanted to showcase the staff who have been with us for the long haul:

Leila Allen, Clinical Director
Our Clinical Director and a Board Certified Behavior Analyst(BCBA) who has been directing our clinical team for six years. Leila is an animal rescue lover with two large dogs who weigh over 120 lbs!

Jordan Kujawski, Senior Program Manager
Jordan is a BCBA and our Senior Program Manager at the Park Place Center in Mishawaka, IN. Jordan is a full-blown boy mom with 3 energetic sons under 5 years old.

Torie Itani, Senior Program Manager
A Board Certified Behavior Analyst and the Senior Program Manager at the founding center of Lighthouse. One of Torie’s favorite things to do is to attend music festivals throughout the country.

Katie Meyer, Senior Program Manager
Our Senior Program Manager in Plymouth is Katie. Katie loves to travel and go hiking in various countries. Katie is also a Board Certified Behavior Analyst!

Nicole Smoker, Program Manager
Nicole is the Program Manager and BCBA in Warsaw, Lighthouse’s second ever center. In her spare time, Nicole enjoys spending time with her family out on the lake they reside on!

Natalie Donkersloot, Senior Program Manager
A Board Certified Behavior Analyst and our Senior Program Manager in Portage Michigan. Natalie loves to partake in outdoor activities throughout Michigan.

Interviews with the Lighthouse Staff that Highlight Hope!

Have you ever wanted to know the perspective of the staff who work with the amazing kiddos at Lighthouse? What about seeing and hearing their perspective?

Well recently Lighthouse interviewed some of our staff members to get their take on what they see at the center.

ABA Therapists Olivia Ganser and Chris Adams, plus Program Managers Annie Root and Katie Meyer, participated in interviews about ABA therapy and Lighthouse. They answered questions about how they see kiddos having big breakthroughs in therapy. They also gave great insights into how parents react when they see their children making huge progress at Lighthouse.

To watch all the interviews, simply go to this page!

Highlighting Hope

Lighthouse Families First Foundation and the Amazon Smile Program

If you haven’t heard about the Lighthouse Families First Foundation, it’s a foundation that helps families and caregivers of individuals with special needs. It provides help through grants for therapy, purchasing iPads with language software, and transportation to therapy.

The Lighthouse Families First Foundation is also founded and operated by the owners of Lighthouse Autism Center, Gregg and Sandy Maggioli. Gregg and Sandy created the Foundation in order to provide the financial aid necessary for all families to have the opportunity to attend an ABA therapy center and receive any additional assistance they may need.

We have some very exciting news about the Lighthouse Families First Foundation! The Foundation is now registered with the Amazon Smile Program! What does that mean?

Well here’s how the Amazon Smile Program works:
  • Go to smile.amazon.com and sign in to your account or create one
  • Select the Lighthouse Families First Foundation as your organization of choice and…
  • Now you’re ready to start supporting the Foundation!

Now when you buy something on smile.amazon.com, 0.5% of the price of eligible purchases will be donated to the Foundation!

If you want to signup right now for the Amazon Smile program, just go to smile.amazon.com

To learn more about the Lighthouse Families First Foundation, visit LHFFF.org

INFOGRAPHIC: Why is Early Intervention for Autism So Important?

infographic - early intervention for autism

Evaluating your Child

Are you seeing the signs of autism in your child, but don’t have an evaluation yet? Early intervention is crucial to improved outcomes and increased success and independence in the long run. You can view our list of early signs and symptoms of autism in babies, toddlers, and young children. Then, you can connect with Lighthouse’s network of professionals that have the expertise to fully evaluate your child for autism.

Find Out more

Lighthouse Opens 5th Center in Michigan

Lighthouse Autism Center has grown drastically in the nearly six years it has been open. Since 2012, Lighthouse has opened a new center in a new location each year, with its most recent center opening in the Fall of 2017 in Portage, Michigan. This is Lighthouse’s fifth center overall and its first center in Michigan. When Gregg and Sandy Maggioli, the founders of Lighthouse Autism Center, moved back to Mishawaka, Indiana, they came with a mission of helping families and children with autism. With over a decade of experience with ABA centers, Gregg and Sandy had the tools, knowledge, and
passion to open Lighthouse Autism Center. “Starting out, we knew what it was like to raise a child with autism and wanted to provide support and services to other families. We wanted them to know they aren’t alone in this,” said Gregg.

Nearly six years later, Lighthouse Autism Center is now branching out to other states, with its newest center now operating in Portage, Michigan. At the Portage center, local families will receive quality, center-based, ABA therapy for their child, as well as support for the entire family. Furthermore, the center not only provides services for local families but is also creating jobs in the area by employing ten therapists, program managers and administrative staff, with plans to expand.

At Lighthouse, we believe in hope for every child and family. We are excited to bring our services to a new community in Michigan and continuing our mission by serving families in need.