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Common ABA Questions


1. Is 20-40 hours per week too much for my child?

Children with Autism need consistent targeted therapy to remove or decrease the skill gaps they have. Intensive therapy, such as ABA, has been shown to be incredibly effective in helping children and adults with Autism live more fulfilled lives. If we think of ABA therapy the same way we think about school for our children we will see that the time spent is equal. The average child is in a classroom for 6 to 8 hours a day, five days a week. They are being taught and instructed in the classroom and those lessons are carried over at home. ABA therapy is the same.

2. Is my child going to be “stuck” at a table all day, repeating the same tasks?

You have probably done your research on ABA therapy, and know that the initial part of the treatment involves discrete trials. This is a time where your child is assessed by the behavioral analyst so that they know where your child’s skill gaps are. The only way for ABA therapy to be effective for your child is to know what their needs are. Once this assessment is done, the behavioral therapist will design a treatment program specific to your child. They will not be “stuck” at a table all day. The goal of ABA therapy is to teach them how to take the skills they are mastering and apply them to real life. We want them to be as self-sufficient as possible.

3. How expensive is ABA Therapy?

ABA Therapy can be very expensive, however, it is important to note that ABA Therapy is covered by most insurance plans. You don’t have to worry about dealing with your insurance company to get it covered because Lighthouse Autism Center takes care of that for you. There are options available to help you navigate the insurance process.

4. How can I practice ABA at home?

Lighthouse Autism Center believes that constant feedback and input with and from parents is an integral part of each child’s therapy. Each morning your child’s therapists will meet with you during drop off to discuss any behavior or environmental influences that may impact your child’s day. At the end of the day the therapist will meet with you to discuss how the day went and provide instruction on how to continue lessons at home.

5. Will my child only do well with one therapist?

At Lighthouse Autism Center each child has one therapist that oversees their program, but we rotate the therapist that works with your child for a number of different reasons. First and foremost because in real life situations your child will interact with a variety of different people, so part of the social skills they are learning is how to deal with meeting and working with different people. Secondly if a therapist is out sick we don’t want to inhibit a child’s therapy.

6. How long will my child be in a center based therapy program?

There really isn’t an easy way to answer this question. Every child has his or her own needs. ABA therapy is really specific to each child. Your child’s needs and progress will determine the length of time they are in a center based program.


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