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The Importance of Parental Involvement

The causes and methods of prevention are still unknown when it comes to autism, great strides are being made in treatments for children with Autism. But no matter how much therapy a child goes through, there is no way the treatments will be successful without the support and dedication of the parents throughout the child’s life.


Support Starts from the Beginning

Prenatal doctors are starting to pull together the solid research available from Autism specialists to try and help decrease the risk of Autism development in the fetal stages. One of the most popular methods now is to switch the mother’s diet to 75% vegan/raw to increase the amount of nutrients and vitamins absorbed into the body, increasing blood flow to the baby’s brain.

After the baby is born, it comes down to looking for social and motor skill development issues. Studies have shown that catching the signs of Autism early in a child’s life can help to increase the child’s IQ up to 17 points by the time they are ready for school. For the most part, these issues will begin to appear no later than the age of three. Once the issues are identified, the next step is to contact a healthcare professional.

Support through Therapy and Treatments

The majority of stress for families dealing with their child who has autism, is a lack of communication skills. For the most part, children with Autism think in images and not in words especially when they are younger. This makes communication that much hard and increases the importance for families to seek professional help.

Therapists and Autism education specialists are able to provide families and their children with individualized learning plans and at-home tips to help alleviate some of the stress put on the parents. Specialists are also important in that they can help to ensure that your child is put in the correct environment to increase their development progress without adding extra strain on the child.

The good news for parents is that all public schools are now required to provide at least one Autism education option for Autistic children in their student body. Not only does this save the family money my eliminating the need for expensive private specialty schools, it gives their children the chance to interact with peers and strangers in order to help them practice the social skills developed through therapy in a realistic setting.

Being the parent of a child that has autism is a difficult and stressful road. However, as more light is shed on Autism and how we can treat it, parents know have a greater chance of seeing their children become fully functioning adults. The important thing for all parents to know is that their support is crucial in helping their child to succeed.

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