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Technology as a Reinforcement Tool


While scientists work on finding the causes of Autism and how to help prevent it, behavioral specialists are making great strides on helping children with mastering their developmental issues. While traditional means of therapy are still necessary, modern technology is proving to be a useful tool for reinforcing the skills learned with Autism specialists.

The Benefits of Modern Technology

Computers in the classroom have evolved from a luxury to a necessity as communication technologies progress. As traditional classrooms have proven successful with the use of modern technology, Autism specialists have been researching and initiating therapies to use computers to improve communication skills in Autistic children.

How Does It Work?

The majority of children who suffer from Autism are visual learners. Computers provide teachers and therapists with an easy means of creating visual presentations and using learning software to help reach Autistic children more effectively than ever before. Because more Autistic children think in images rather than languages, computers, mobile devices and even video games provide them a chance to express themselves without fearing the frustration of not being able to effectively communicate.

What are the Benefits of Using Technology to Help Children with Autism?

Through this means of positive communication, children experience a more enjoyable, less stressful learning environment that increases their ability to break down their barriers and develop their social skills. One of the most widely used learning techniques with technology is practicing cause and effect. For example, if the child is hungry and wants to eat, he or she would be taught to draw an item on the screen such a fruit or vegetable. The child would then show their picture to their teacher or parent and receive the food they asked for.

Technology therapies for Autism also benefit children who might not suffer from social issues but rather are learning to develop motor skills. Any form of technology requires some amount of motor control. Typing words into a computer, drawing on a touch screen or controlling a joystick for video games require children to not only communicate what they want or what they are learning but how to learn how to use their fingers to express it.

The inability to communicate properly accounts for the majority of stress in homes with Autistic children. Using technology to teach children how to communicate with their parents and their peers may be the key to mastering Autism for all who suffer from it. Whether the issues are social or motor-related, modern technology therapies are proving to be successful in the fight against Autism.

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