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Parents and Caregivers are Critical to the Success of ABA Treatment for Autism

You, as a parent, know your child better than anyone. Your child’s certified ABA therapist needs to have access to that knowledge and they need to know your family’s daily routine so that they can design an effective treatment program for your child.

Parent picking up their child from Lighthouse Autism Center

ABA therapy treatment programs are not designed to be a checklist of things to do. Your child’s program is designed specifically for your child. The purpose is to help your child become as independent as he or she can be.

The U.S. Surgeon General states that Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) is the most proven method for treating autism.

Our ABA certified therapists strive to make your child’s treatment program relevant to him/her life and family. There are a few critical questions parents should routinely reflect upon through treatment. Some of these questions will be more relevant at certain times in the treatment program or at specific ages as well as what your child’s gaps and strengths are. Your child’s ABA therapist can go through the list with you as it helps to create a truly individualized applied behavioral analysis.

What would I like my child to learn to do during his leisure time?

What are the major communication deficits I would like to have my child overcome to improve his or her quality of life and be happy?

What choices would I like my child to be given throughout the day?

How is my child learning to regulate his/her own life?

What would I like my child to do to be more independent during the course of the day at home/

What would I like my child to do to help around the house?

What would I like my child to do to live a healthy life?

What are the behavioral issues I would like my child to overcome?

What would I like my child to learn so that he/she is a part of family outings in the community/

What would I like my child to learn so that they can be more of a part of our family routine, on a daily basis… on a weekly basis?

There are other questions that you may want to consider talking to an ABA therapists about that can also help your child take greater steps towards success. Some of these questions include;

How can I carry over lessons at home?

What role do the members of our family play in my child’s treatment?

How do I involve my child’s teacher at school/what role does the doctor play in my child’s ABA therapy?

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