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Davenport Autism Center

Autism Center in Davenport, Iowa

Lighthouse’s Davenport Center is a child development center in Davenport, Iowa that caters to autistic children. At our center for childhood development in Davenport, Iowa, we provide autistic children with the services they need to improve their outcomes. One of these services available to families in this city on the Mississippi River is our innovative Lighthouse Fusion® program, which combines the best elements of ABA and speech therapy to create improved outcomes for children with autism.

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Davenport Autism Services

Lighthouse Fusion®

Lighthouse Autism Center bring together compassionate care and clinical excellence to provide the highest quality center-based ABA therapy to children with autism. With an innovative clinical model called Lighthouse Fusion, we fuse the best practices of speech therapy and ABA therapy to unlock each child’s unique potential.
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The Lighthouse Way

The Lighthouse Way

Lighthouse Autism Center offers a compassionate, play-based approach to ABA therapy. Founded by parents of a child with autism, we are uniquely positioned to support your child and family. Our program offers:

  • Lighthouse Fusion - an innovative approach to ABA that fuses ABA and speech therapy into one enhanced approach to autism therapy
  • Multidisciplinary Team - a BCBA, SLP/BCBA, and RBT collaborate to develop goals and deliver therapy
  • 1:1 Therapy - one-on-one therapy and small caseloads mean more individual attention for your child.
  • Caregiver Involvement - regular training and parent meetings supports success for the entire family
  • Family Support - our team will join you at home or in the community to provide support as-needed
  • Enrollment Team - work with a dedicated Family Outreach Coordinator and Insurance Specialist to assist with the enrollment process
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Lighthouse Autism Center - Diagnostic Services

Diagnostic Services

If you think your child may be showing signs of autism, we’re here to help. We’ll connect you with a professional in your area who evaluates children for autism.
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"Ethan loves to play with blocks, swing, and jump on the trampoline. Before starting with Lighthouse Fusion, Ethan was non-verbal. Since starting with Lighthouse Fusion, Ethan has made so much progress towards vocal communication. Watch a Co-Treat Session with Ethan."

"Gabby was diagnosed with autism at the age of 3. Gabby experienced speech delays, missed milestones and did not socialize with other kids. Since starting at Lighthouse, she has made so much progress. Learn more about Gabby’s autism journey."

"Kairo loves Pete the Cat,  playing with shaving cream, and being silly. Before starting with Lighthouse Fusion, Kairo was not producing vocal speech sounds resulting in challenges in communication. Now, he is communicating with over 15 words. Watch a Co-Treat Session with Kairo."

"When Wyatt enrolled he had some words, but he did not know how to use them to communicate. Since beginning with the Lighthouse Fusion model, Wyatt has flourished! "

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