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Lighthouse Gets Lockers!



Last week Lighthouse Autism Center installed lockers at its Park Place location where kids are enrolled in the Junior Learning Program. Many of these kids are preparing to transfer back to school, and as a result, many of their programs include learning daily skills that they will need in school. Lockers will help teach them where to keep their books during the day, and how to put away their things at the beginning of the day, and gather them at the end. This is a wonderful new addition to the center and we would like to give a big thanks to our Outreach Coordinator, Pat Sweeney, who took time over the weekend to pick up and help install the lockers. Thanks, Pat!!


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One thought on “Lighthouse Gets Lockers!”

  1. I am doing a mock grant proposal for a college course at Bethel College and I chose your organization at the platform for my project. I knew very little information about your centers, but after reading through your sight my heart is absolutely warmed by the organization that you have built. Reading the short article about the new lockers was wonderful!

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