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A child struggling with autism wants to be able to express themselves and interact with the world around them. They want to be able to learn about that world and enjoy life. Lighthouse Autism Center, through the use of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA Therapy) helps your child learn skills in communications, behavior, social interaction and academics that will increase their independence every day.

Goals: Immediate and Long Term

Our ABA certified therapists perform a comprehensive assessment of each child. This allows them to establish immediate and long term goals for your child. Lighthouse Autism Center is a one-on-one, year round program. Your child’s therapy program is designed and directly supervised by our ABA therapists.

We assess the skills gaps your child has and then break those gaps down into skill sets. Creating skill sets allows tasks to be more manageable. Your child will only move to the next skill set once they have mastered the skill set they are working on. We want each child to have a strong set of “building blocks” to work with and build more skills on.

Lighthouse Autism Center takes the time to understand what motivates your child. Motivations could be hugs, smiles, cheers, or a particular activity such as swinging. These motivators are used to help break through barriers of progress. We go further to create an intensive treatment plan that addresses your child’s individual and unique abilities, needs and preferences. Should your child grow tired, agitated or get distracted along the way, our therapists respond quickly to ensure that engagement remains.

Designed With Your Child in Mind

Lighthouse Autism Center was designed with your child in mind. We chose a location that is landscapes with mature trees, swings and a pond. We have a top of the line security system to keep each child safe and provide every parent with peace of mind, so that you know your child is safe.

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We want Lighthouse to be a “soft welcoming” place for you and your child. Through the use of color and signature décor, open space, play fixtures, learning amenities and large windows that allows the outside world in we have created an ABA Therapy Center unlike any other in the area.

Our ABA certified therapists will encourage your child to energetically jump, play, climb and explore. They will nurture your child’s unquenchable curiosity. Therapists will also increase or decrease stimulation as needed to meet your child’s needs.


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