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The Lighthouse Autism Center Difference

While Lighthouse Autism Center is unique in many ways from other autism therapy centers, one of the most important components of the therapy we provide is the one-on-one care each child receives and by fusing speech into daily therapy with our innovative approach to speech therapy called Lighthouse Fusion®. 

The Lighthouse Autism Center Difference 

Lighthouse Autism Therapy Centers

While Lighthouse Autism Center is unique in many ways from other autism treatment centers, some of the most important components of the therapy we provide is the one-on-one care each child receives and the daily opportunities for our learners to practice language during during therapy.

Lighthouse Fusion® is an innovative and one-of-a-kind approach to speech therapy that provides children with greater opportunity for speech development. By Fusing speech therapy directly into a child’s daily programming, learners are making greater progress, faster, all while having fun. 

During Lighthouse Fusion ABA therapy, each child is assigned to a “pod” of therapists consisting of five to seven professionals, each of whom learns the child’s unique ABA and speech therapy goals and objectives. By assigning a child to a pod, therapists learn the behaviors, triumphs, struggles, and skills of the children within their pod. Through one-on-one therapy, a child not only receives individualized attention from a therapist who is familiar with their programs and dedicated to their ABA therapy and speech therapy goals, but it also significantly increases the safety of each child at the center. 

On a typical day at Lighthouse Autism Center, a child will move among therapists within their pod every 3 to 4 hours. This prevents children from only learning how to do specific skills with a certain person and empowers them to transfer skills between different people – something that is incredibly important for autistic children. It is this individualized attention and commitment to quality therapies for autism that make the Lighthouse difference. 

All Lighthouse learners also benefit from speech co-treat sessions. These are sessions where a SLP/BCBA, BCBA, and RBT all collaborate to work together on your child’s speech, language and vocabulary goals. Co-treat sessions can take place with all three clinicians present, or with a SLP/BCBA participating virtually. This allows each child to access highly trained and skilled clinicians wherever they are.

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