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Discover valuable insights and heartfelt stories from our dedicated team, as well as contributions from experts in the field. We explore the nuances of ABA therapy services and successful strategies implemented at our center for autism to provide you and your family with the support needed to help your child shine.

At Lighthouse Autism Center, we're committed to offering the highest quality ABA therapy for children, tailored to meet the individual needs of each and every family we serve. Join us as we share in your family's journey, offering advice, encouragement, and the latest in autism news and education.


Lighthouse Autism Center Sponsors Sensory Room at Beacon Medical Group, Pediatrics Bristol Street

Leading ABA Provider Sponsors Sensory Room at Beacon Medical Group, Pediatrics Bristol Street to help support children on the autism spectrum. Partnering with Beacon Medical Group, Pediatrics Bristol Street Lighthouse Autism Center, renowned for its expertise in center-based Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy, has recently unveiled an exciting partnership with Beacon Medical Group, Pediatrics Bristol […]

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Free Online Games for Autistic Kids – Lighthouse Autism Center

The virtual world can be a great resource for autism-friendly games, providing both a learning environment and an outlet for fun. Discover the benefits of online games for autistic children, and explore our top picks that cater to different needs and skills.  Free Online Games for Autistic Kids The virtual world can be a great […]

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Autism & Routine Changes: Summer Routines – Lighthouse Autism Center 

Summer brings a break from the rigors of school, but for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), the change in routine can be challenging. The structure provided by school can be comforting and stabilizing, and disrupting that routine during the summer months may lead to anxiety or difficulties adjusting. However, with careful planning and consideration, […]

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Navigating the Path to Special Education: A Journey of Learning and Growth

Allison Steele’s Journey in Special Education Teaching Allison Steele discusses her journey in Special Education, leading her to her current role at Lighthouse Autism Center. Lighthouse is excited to welcome Allison Steele to our Elkhart County Team. As a special education teacher with experience in Indiana and Michigan, Allison brings her deep knowledge and expertise […]

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The Lighthouse “Team Approach”

We understand that it truly “takes a village” to provide the best care to autistic children. Taking a “team approach” by working in collaboration with various therapy providers will help your child achieve the best possible outcomes. Discover more. The Lighthouse “Team Approach” When it comes to caring for a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder, […]

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Lighthouse Autism Center Set to Open New Autism Center in Nebraska!

Lighthouse Autism Center is Bringing Autism Therapy Services to Lincoln, Nebraska Lighthouse Autism Center (LAC) continues to expand, now with a network of centers in now five states – quite a journey from its humble beginnings serving four families in one building to now serving hundreds of families across five states for over a decade. […]

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Lighthouse Autism Center Staff Spotlight: Ruthie

Ruthie’s Lighthouse Autism Center Journey Ruthie is a Registered Behavior Technician Trainer at our East Moline center and has been with Lighthouse Autism Center since July of 2023. She is a mom to a seven-year-old boy and her favorite hobbies are writing poetry and painting. Ruthie also enjoys trying new things and meeting new people. […]

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Tips for Creating a Sleep Schedule

From difficulty relaxing to irregular melatonin levels, both autistic children and adults may experience trouble falling and staying asleep. Learn how to better manage your child’s sleep schedule by creating a healthy bedtime routine with these expert tips. Autism and Sleep: Tips for Creating a Sleep Schedule From difficulty relaxing to irregular melatonin levels, both […]

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Managing Autism and Food Aversion

Food aversion is a common challenge faced by autistic individuals. By learning about the root cause and applying practical tips, as well as leveraging the help of professionals when needed, you can support your child in overcoming their food aversions to enjoy a healthy relationship with meal times. Tips for Managing Autism and Food Aversion  […]

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The Lighthouse Autism Center Difference

While Lighthouse Autism Center is unique in many ways from other autism therapy centers, one of the most important components of the therapy we provide is the one-on-one care each child receives and by fusing speech into daily therapy with our innovative approach to speech therapy called Lighthouse Fusion®.  The Lighthouse Autism Center Difference  Lighthouse […]

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My Child & Autism: The Lighthouse Goal

ABA therapy at Lighthouse is to provide each school-age child with the skills to transition back to the classroom setting that is appropriate for them. Discover how your dedicated team at Lighthouse Autism Center assists both children and families in this transition. My Child & Autism: The Lighthouse Goal Transitioning from a therapy center back […]

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Speech Therapy at Lighthouse Autism Center

Autistic children often require a multi-faceted approach to therapy. As a result, Lighthouse Autism Center sought to refine our approach by offering speech therapy in conjunction with ABA therapy. Speech Therapy at Lighthouse Autism Center Autistic children often require a multi-faceted approach to therapy. Typically, a child will need a combination of therapies, including ABA […]

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Tips for Shopping With Autistic Children in Overstimulating Environments 

The grocery store can be an overwhelming experience for autistic children. Here are tips for shopping with autistic children in overstimulating environments. Autism-Friendly Shopping Tips for Overstimulating Environments Everyday shopping, such as in a grocery store, might seem like a pretty straightforward experience to most, but for autistic children, it can be seriously overwhelming. Grocery […]

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