Lighthouse Autism Center Reopens All Centers with New Health & Safety Procedures

After nearly 6 weeks of being closed, Lighthouse Autism Center is excited to reopen each of it’s seven centers and begin offering ABA services to our families. While Lighthouse Autism Center is an essential service, we felt it was in the best interest of our families and employees to remain closed during the peak of COVID-19 outbreak. Now, with COVID-19 cases on the decline, and with new enhanced health and safety measures in place,  we are prepared to resume offering the highest quality ABA therapy services to our families.

Autism Therapists where masks to protect children.
Lighthouse Autism Center therapists wear masks to keep those they work with safe.


So, what does the “new normal” look like at Lighthouse Autism Center?

Social Distancing

Each center has been modified to include only one child per room or two children in very large rooms. We believe this will be necessary for several weeks in order to comply with recommended social distancing practices.

Temperature and Symptom Checks

All employees and children have their temperatures taken before entering a building and two additional times throughout the day. Any individuals who have a temperature of 99.5 or higher, or show any symptoms of COVID-19 such as cough, or shortness of breath, will not be permitted to enter a center until they are tested for COVID-19 and receive a negative test result.


All employees must have a mask on before entering a building. Masks will be worn all day until someone exits a center. We have special clear masks to be used by therapists who offer speech therapy services to Lighthouse kiddos.

Program Modification

Children will no longer eat together in the lunchroom and some group programs will temporarily be eliminated (like group time). Instead, children they will eat in their room at their desks and social programs will be done with a therapist as opposed to with other children. This will ensure minimal contact in group spaces.

Extra Sanitation

Extra employees are on site at each building sanitizing all common surfaces (door knobs, handles, bathrooms, kitchens, etc…) multiple times a day.

The Lighthouse Autism Center Team will continue to meet weekly and provide regular updates to parents and the greater community. We know these extra precautions will not need to be in place forever, but for the time being, they will aid in keeping our children, employees and families safe.

For questions or to learn more about Lighthouse Autism Center, please call 574-387-4313.

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