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Lighthouse Autism Center Releases New Outcomes App To Enhance Clinical Outcomes for Learners with Autism

Indiana’s Largest Center-Based ABA Provider Announces New Technology That Will Change How Clinicians Collect and Track Learner Data

Lighthouse Autism Center, a Midwest  ABA therapy provider  has announced a new clinical project that will enhance outcomes for children with autism enrolled in their centers. Led by Chief Clinical Officer, Leila Allen, the Learner Outcomes Project is transforming the way clinicians collect, analyze, and use learner data across Lighthouse’s 33 center locations.

With the support and guidance of industry consultants, a third-party technology and data analytics firm, and thousands of data points Lighthouse has collected in their 11 years of operation, Lighthouse is using its data in an innovative way to enhance clinical quality, support clinicians, and drive positive outcomes.

Through the creation of an advanced data application called the Outcomes App, the Lighthouse Team has analyzed thousands of learners, their medical and behavior history, treatment plans, programming, and more to gather valuable insights into progress, length of care, and other factors that may impact a learner’s success while at Lighthouse.

The ongoing use of the Outcomes App will provide the tools for Lighthouse’s team of Board-Certified Behavior Analysts to collect learner data in a standardized way by using norm-referenced assessment tools like the Vineland-3 Comprehensive Assessment and the Behavioral Health Index. With over 700 learners enrolled at Lighthouse, the volume of data collected is ever growing.

In the future, we anticipate clinicians can use the Outcomes App to track their learners’ progress with standardized assessments that will allow them to measure progress against learners with similar profiles, access a database of other learner data across Lighthouse, and ultimately provide a more standardized way to track outcomes, while still recognizing the individuality of the learners we serve. Clinicians will also be able to track the trajectory of outcomes and see if their learners are progressing as expected, or if changes need to be made. This will give all levels of clinical leadership oversight into the quality of programming happening at Lighthouse.

Lighthouse believes in bringing together compassionate care and clinical excellence. The Learner Outcomes Project is just one of the ways Lighthouse continues to invest in clinical quality to ensure that learners at Lighthouse are on the cutting edge of clinical practices and receiving the highest quality therapy. 

About Lighthouse Autism Center

Lighthouse Autism Center offers autism therapy services in a natural, play-based environment. Children are immersed in imaginary spaces where they can naturally explore their interests, engage in sensory experiences, and practice language. At the newest center in Omaha, Nebraska, families will have the opportunity to benefit from ABA therapy, speech therapy, school programming, parent training and diagnostic services to meet each child and family where they are on their autism journey.

Together, we can unlock your child’s potential

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