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LAC Introduces Behavior Treatment Committee

Lighthouse Autism Center is excited to introduce the latest initiative in our commitment to clinical quality: the Behavior Treatment Committee (BTC)! The BTC is a beacon of applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy excellence, where Lighthouse clinicians gather to collaborate on treatment and behavior plans when circumstances become challenging. It provides a collaborative, round-table environment to celebrate ideas and develop treatment plans that utilize the least restrictive interventions and deliver the best possible outcomes.

Lighthouse has drawn members of the BTC from areas encompassing clinical services, compliance, and training.

According to Chief Clinical and Compliance Officer Leila Allen (MA, BCBA, LBA), the BTC is instrumental in developing treatment plans that utilize the least restrictive interventions and deliver the best possible outcomes. “The whole purpose of the BTC is to give our team support. None of us, no matter the experience, is an expert in everything, and it’s hard to not get stuck in the details for some of our learners who present with more complex needs. By bringing together experienced team members with different backgrounds, we are able to bring that diverse experience to our whole team when they just need to brainstorm, spark new ideas, and often, re-affirm that they are on the right path,” Allen said.

Amanda, BCBA at Lighthouse Autism Center in Avon, found the BTC to be a welcome addition to the company. “I found the BTC to be very helpful,” Amanda said. “When we first worked with one of our kids, he had high-frequency behavior in the form of elopement, aggression, and task refusal. The BTC helped come up with good ideas that honored the learner’s assent, but worked on skills of tolerating other peoples’ or learners’ choices.”

Jr. Program Manager Melissa Avon also had a positive learning experience with the BTC. “This is something that was extremely helpful for me, especially being so new as a Jr. Program Manager,” she said. “I appreciate it so much!”

Meet the Behavior Treatment Committee

Leila Allen (MA, BCBA, LBA) is the Chief Clinical and Compliance Officer at Lighthouse Autism Center, focused on developing our outcomes platform, compliance and payor audits, and legislative/regulatory supports. Leila has worked in the field of ABA since 2006, joining Lighthouse as a Clinical Director in 2012. As a sibling of an adult with autism, Leila knows firsthand how important clinical teams working together is for the betterment of not only the learner, but for the empowerment of the whole family. This directly aligns with the BTC’s focus, to give clinicians support and a sounding board, advice, ideas, and always follow the idea that two (or 10!) heads are better than one.

Michelle Grose (MA, BCBA)is the Regional Director of Lighthouse’s Indy South centers (Avon, Greenfield, and Columbus). Michelle has a great passion for working with adolescents and learners with high-magnitude behavior, as well as coaching and supporting BCBAs and supervision students through the Indy South centers. She is excited to be a member of the BTC as another outlet for her passion for collaboration among behavior analysts.

Megan Noll is the Director of Compliance at Lighthouse Autism Center. Megan provides valuable expertise in navigating the complex ethical considerations and practices within the healthcare landscape. Her diverse background in healthcare outside of ABA therapy brings a valuable, unique perspective to the BTC.

Cassi Nichols (MA, BCBA)is the BCBA Recruiter at Lighthouse Autism Center, having previously served as Program Manager and Clinical Director. Her experience working with learners who exhibit varying levels of support needs and maladaptive behaviors lends a valuable perspective to the BTC. Cassi is passionate about training in all areas of ABA, but particularly programming with assent in mind, self-advocacy, and getting creative with each learner’s treatment package.

Lacy Wolter (MA, BCBA) is the Director of Training at Lighthouse Autism Center, a position that allows her to share her wealth of experience with other professionals in the ABA field. Lacy’s dedication to her passions and commitment to teaching others contribute to the growth and development of the professionals at Lighthouse Autism Center.

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