Community Resources for Autism in South Bend, Indiana

The most recent CDC report stated that 1 in 58 children are diagnosed with autism. Chances are, you or someone you know is affected by autism in some way. Whether you were diagnosed, a child, a family member, or a friend. Those who care for someone with autism know that it truly takes a village to be able to provide them with the necessary tools and supports to be successful and have the best quality of life. This can be in the form of supportive family members, teachers at school, parent support groups, and other community resources. Many are unaware of the community resources that exist and how to access them. Below is a list of community resources related to autism in South Bend, Indiana. Most of these resources not only serve South Bend, Indiana, but provide support to families all over the Michiana area.

“A Place to Be Me” – Children’s Dispensary, Inc.

The Children’s Dispensary provides social and recreational activities in the South Bend area to allow children and families with special needs social interaction. They do this through fun in music, creative arts, cooking, movement, and sports in the community.

Autism Spectrum Disorders Family Support Group


This South Bend, Indiana area resource is open to families and caregivers of those with autism. They do not have a website but can be reached at 574-289-4831.


INSOURCE provides families, parents, caregivers and providers in the state of Indiana with information and trainings to be able to advocate for individuals with special needs.

LOGAN Community Resources, Inc.

LOGAN is long-standing member of the South Bend Community and has served as a support to special needs families for over 50 years. They support people and families with special needs including adult day services and recreation, autism services, best buddies and super sibs, children’s services and residential services.

The Play Project

The Play Project in South Bend, Indiana seeks to assist young children with autism in reaching their fullest potential through the power of play.

If you are looking for more information about resources for autism in South Bend, Indiana, please contact Lighthouse Autism Center’s Family Outreach Coordinator at 574-387-4313.

Together, we can unlock your child’s potential

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