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Lighthouse Autism Center in Granger, IN, specializes in providing applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy to children with autism. ABA therapy is a specific type of autism treatment that nurtures the development and growth of key skill sets, such as sociability, communication, play, self-care, motor development and academics. Here’s what you can expect when you come to Lighthouse for this kind of therapy: we begin by giving your child an individualized assessment to determine his or her specific needs and therapy goals. Then, our highly qualified therapists help your child achieve those goals through personalized, detailed instruction plans. Over time, we keep collecting data on each child to monitor progress and adjust as necessary to optimize outcomes. ABA therapy for autism has been shown to be one of the best and most effective ways to improve communication, social, living and school-readiness skills for children with autism today!

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      We've Been Where You Are

      Owned and Operated by Parents of a Child with Autism

      The founders of Lighthouse Autism Center, Gregg and Sandy Maggioli, have a son, Victor, who was diagnosed with autism in 2003. As parents of a child with autism, they understand firsthand the struggles and triumphs that come with raising a child with autism.

      Award Winning Management

      Recognized by the Autism Society of Indiana

      Until 2012, the parents who founded and operate Lighthouse Autism Center held a variety of leadership positions at an ABA center in Carmel, Indiana. In 2011, that same center received the Excellence in Direct Care Award from the Autism Society of Indiana.

      Your Child's Full Potential

      ABA Therapy can help them reach it

      ABA therapy is the only therapy recommended by the U.S. Surgeon General for the treatment of autism. It is shown to be one of the most effective therapies in developing communication skills, social skills and functional living skills.

      The Lighthouse Way

      Choosing Lighthouse Autism Center for intensive, center-based autism therapy near you means your child has access to world-class clinical services including:

      • Lighthouse Fusion™, an innovative ABA Therapy model brings together behavior analysis and speech therapy into one comprehensive treatment
      • A behavior analyst, speech therapist, and registered behavior technician working together to personalize goals and deliver therapy to support your child’s needs
      • One-on-one treatment from a Registered Behavior Technician
      • Individualized goal and treatment plans developed by master level BCBAs with small case loads
      • Developmentally appropriate goals to improve social, communication, play, self-care, leisure, and academic skills.
      • Training for parents, caregivers, and family members
      • Regular meetings between family and staff
      • Support outside of the center, whether it is visiting your family in your home, or joining daily activities like going to the dentist
      • Access to a dedicated insurance team who will work directly with your insurance company on approvals and appeals
      • A Family Outreach Team that will walk you through each step of the enrollment process and connect you with other resources that may benefit your child and family

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      Parent Testimonials

      We would like to say “Thank You” for all that you do with our little buddy Aidan. We’ve seen so much progress since has started at Lighthouse that it is hard for us to mention everything. The first thing is that he loves going to Lighthouse, and loves his therapists, although he will occasionally feign an illness to stay home. This was not the case with public school. Everyday was a battle to get him to school. We are so thankful that we learned of the center when we did.

      (read more) - Aaron and Michelle, South Bend, IN

      I can’t say enough positive things about the work that has been done with Garrett. He is a totally different kid now than when he started with Lighthouse in July. I was reluctant in the beginning because 8 hours a day, 5 days a week seemed like so much but it turns out that it was exactly what he needed. When we go to restaurants he orders his own food. At the wedding, not only did he do a fantastic job, he was spoken to by several people he had never met before and he responded appropriately to each person and was able to carry on a conversation.

      (read more) - Mehgan, Mishawaka, IN

      Lighthouse has changed his world, opened him up and in turn has improved all of our lives! We are beyond blessed by this opportunity and I thank each and every person we’ve meet and worked with! Without Lighthouse and this EXTRAORDINARY program, my little boy would still be locked into silence and frustration. Words cannot express my gratitude, but know that you’ve all been the answer to my prayers!

      (read more) - Stephanie, South Bend, IN

      Everyday we waited to hear from the school that we had to come get our son because they were not equipped to handle him. In fact, I use to take my cellphone in to sales calls because I needed to be available to go get him at a moments notice.
      The piece of mind I now take for granted, to an extent, when I drop him off is a true godsend. Everyone their seems genuinely interested in my son and his successes.
      I cant say enough for what your staff has done for our son myself and his mother!

      (read more) - Phil, South Bend, IN

      Thank you so much for all you have done and continue to do for Hunter. You not only fight for your own kid but for ours too! Whether he gets cut next time or the time after that, I could never thank you enough for what you guys have done for our family. I am ready for whatever plans we can try for next time, just let me know what to do. I will continue to fight till there are no more options! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!

      (read more) - Marc, Elkhart, IN

      We were wrapping up our appointment this morning and Ginny stood up to put her coat on. She attempted to do it herself and then looked up at Katy and said “Will you help me please” – Katy then helped her with her coat. Next, Ginny attempted to start the zipper then asked Katy “Help me zip please”. Dr. Best was extremely pleased with what he witnessed. He mentioned something to the effect of too often just being exposed to the negative and not being present to witness the positive.

      (read more) - Tom, South Bend, IN

      The Lighthouse staff has won our hearts, and our gratitude, for the incredible job they do with Chaz and all the kids – it is evident that they love and care for, and find joy in, each one of the children. As you all know, we moved to South Bend from Hawaii just over 5 years ago. In Hawaii, the word “aloha” is commonly used for a friendly greeting and warm farewell, but it is also used to describe the spirit of one who is kind, welcoming, caring, and mindful. The spirit of aloha infuses LACand all that goes on within its walls.

      (read more) - Dick, South Bend, IN

      Despite knowing it was the right place for 
her to be, Eric and I were both a nervous wreck. Never did we imagine our 
daughter (who has stranger danger and had never been away from us) 
would, within weeks, not shed a tear when dropped off . Within months she would run to her therapists without even looking back and after a year she 
actually would do better during the week when she goes to school then she 
does on weekends when she isn’t able to go.

      (read more) - Eric and Kailey, South Bend, IN

      *These testimonials were not solicited by Lighthouse Autism Center.

      Story of Success: Ian

      Ian was diagnosed with autism at the age of four, although he had already been receiving speech and occupational therapy for several years before. When he first enrolled at Lighthouse Autism Center a year later, Ian did not play with his friends and he often refused to do what his parents asked of him. After a year at the center, Ian had made great strides in gaining independence, staying on task, and answering questions.


      • Average of 50 minutes of noncompliance each day
      • Lacked ability to recall information and follow directions
      • He did not engage his family or peers


      • Average of less than 10 minutes of noncompliance per day
      • He mastered 1, 2 and 3 step instructions
      • Ian independently greets his peers, family, and teachers

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