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What is ABA therapy?

ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) Therapy is endorsed by the US Surgeon General and helps to develop new skills, shape and refine previously learned skills and decrease socially significant problem behaviors.

How does an ABA Intervention Work?

There are some commonalities among all ABA programs:

  • Qualified and trained behavior analyst designs and directly oversees a child’s intervention
  • The therapy program designed by our certified ABA therapists stem from a detailed assessment of a child’s skills and preferences as well as some family goals
  • Treatment instruction and goals are developmentally appropriate and focus on a broad range of skills, such as: sociability, communication, play, self-care, leisure, academic skills and motor development
  • Therapy goals emphasize skills that enable learners to become independent and successful now and for life
  • Instruction plans break down skills into skill sets and are taught from the most basic to the more complex
  • There is constant ongoing objective measurement of the child’s progress
  • Certified ABA therapists, behavior analyst frequently review the child’s progress and make program adjustments accordingly
  • Regular meetings with family and staff take place to allow for planning, review of child’s progress and to make any needed adjustments

The Lighthouse Way

Two of our kiddos working on peer play.
Two of our kiddos working on peer play.

It is important to note that effective ABA therapy for autism is not “one size fits all” treatment. This is not a cookie cutter approach to helping children with autism.  This means that the ABA program that your child is following will look different than the program of another child. At Lighthouse Autism Center, a certified ABA therapist creates a customized therapy program for your child based on their skill gaps. Our therapists look at your child’s needs, skills, interests, preferences and family environment.

The child’s day is very structured to provide many learning opportunities – these are both planned and naturally occurring. This allows the child to acquire and practice skills in both unstructured and structured situations. So they learn how to apply what they are learning to life.

In addition, the child receives positive reinforcement for demonstrating socially acceptable behaviors and useful skills. The emphasis of ABA therapy is positive social interactions and enjoyable learning. On the other hand, there is not reinforcement for behaviors that prevent learning or pose harm.

Parents, family members and other caregivers are given training so that they can support the learning process and practice skills throughout the day. Consistency is key.


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