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What is ABA therapy?

ABA therapy is a specific type of therapy for children with autism that aids in the development of new skills, shapes and refines previously learned skills and decreases socially significant problem behaviors.

Chlld receiving ABA therapy.

How does ABA therapy work?

ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) therapy has been proven to help children with autism learn communication, social, living and school-readiness skills. So, what is ABA therapy and how does it work?

  • Qualified and trained BCBA’s (Board Certified Behavior Analysts) design and oversee a child’s therapy
  • After a detailed assessment of a child, the BCBA will create a unique program with consideration given to the child’s goals, preferences and the overall family goals.
  • Goals will be developmentally appropriate for that child and will include things like sociability, communication, play, self-care, motor development and academic skills.
  • Highly qualified and trained therapists will help a child achieve these goals through detailed instruction plans that break down skills into skill sets. The child will then work on the most basic skill sets and build up to more complex skill sets, with each skill set building off of the previous one.
  • Therapists continually collect data on your child to determine which skill sets are improving, which one’s are not, and how the therapy program may need to be modified in order to make sure your child achieves their goals
  • Regular meetings with family and staff take place to allow for planning, review of child’s progress and to make any needed adjustments.

ABA Therapy the Lighthouse Way

Lighthouse Autism Center provides the highest quality ABA therapy to children and families. At Lighthouse Autism Center, a certified BCBA creates a custom therapy program for your child based on their skills, skill gaps, and with input from caregivers.

At Lighthouse, your child will always work one-on-one with a certified Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) and their therapy will be overseen by a BCBA. Your child’s day will be structured to provide planned and naturally occurring learning opportunities, allowing your child to acquire and practice skills in both structured and unstructured situations. This will ultimately allow them to apply what they have learned at Lighthouse at home and in a real world setting.

Additionally, your child will receive positive reinforcement for demonstrating socially acceptable behavior and skills emphasizing positive social interactions and enjoyable learning for your child.

Parents, family members and caregivers are also given training to allow them to support their child at home and help the child learn and practice skills taught at Lighthouse.

To learn more about ABA the Lighthouse Way, contact us at 574-387-4313.

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