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5 Tips for Celebrating Halloween with a Child on the Autism Spectrum

1.) The Costume

Let your child pick out a costume that works for them. If they love soft things, try a fuzzy costume onesie, if they love dinosaurs, let them be a T-rex. Whatever it is that gets your child excited, channel that into a costume!

2.) What to Expect

Make sure your child knows what to expect. Talk about the trick or treating and exactly what your child should expect. Consider creating a visual schedule or countdown to the big day!

3.) Practice

Help your child practice for the big day by practicing putting on their costume and going through the routine of the day. Enlist the help of a neighbor or friend and have your child practice trick or treating at their homes.

4.) Trick or Treat Alternatives

If your child does not enjoy trick or treating, or if you are choosing to stay home due to Covid-19 related reasons, consider other alternatives. Take them to other Halloween-related activities in the community or consider a “not-so-scary” night in with their favorite movie and treat.

5.) Have Fun!

Whatever you choose to do and however you do it, remember to be flexible, do what is best for your child and family, and have fun!



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One thought on “5 Tips for Celebrating Halloween with a Child on the Autism Spectrum”

  1. My second child with autism loves dressing up in costumes so he always loves Halloween but he easily gets scared of the decorations from our neighbors’ front laws whenever the time rolls around so I appreciate these helpful tips. He usually gets overwhelmed with the bustle of activities I usually plan out for him so I really appreciate how you mentioned making a schedule of activities so they can mentally prepare themselves for what’s to come. Since he was diagnosed with low-functioning autism, I’ve been wondering if I should take him to an autism behavior therapy session to help him regulate his temper tantrums, so I might look into that before autumn comes.

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