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Excellent local source to find out about research studies on Autism is Notre Dame’s F.U.N. Lab. Currently they are looking for siblings of children with Autism.

Notre Dame F.U.N. Lab

Online Research Study Opportunities

Sibling Emotionality Study

Transitioning Together: An Intervention Program for Adolescents with ASD and their families

Association Between Familial Psychiatric Disorders and Symptom Severity of ASD

Caregiver Stress at Time of Transition from School to Adult Life for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, Down Syndrome, and Typically Developing Children

Opportunities outside of Michiana

A Pilot Study of the Effect of an Acute Vestibular Therapy on Postural Stability, Gait Variability, and Gaze Patterns of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Principal Investigator’s Contact Information:
Senia Smoot
(304) 533-6378

Brief Summary of Study’s Purpose: The goal of this research is to evaluate what is physiologically occuring during sensory integration (SI) therapy. A better understanding of SI could result in the identification of best evidence based practices and aid in seeking insurance reimbursement.

This pilot study is the first step and will focus on how a vestibular swing affects a child’s postural stability (balance), gait (walking), and gaze patterns.

Study Type: Biomechanical Engineering

Trial Sponsor: National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship Research Program (NSF GRFP)

Study Phase: Pilot phase

Location where study is being conducted: University of Dayton

Eligibility Criteria:
a. Inclusion criteria: Diagnosis of “autistic disorder” by a physician or psychologist; the ability to verbalize.

b. Exclusion criteria: Any changes in medication within the last 6 weeks; weighing over 100 lbs; any health issue that could affect balance, walking, and gaze patterns.

c. Gender: Both males and females are included in this study

d. Minimum age: 5

e. Maximum age: 10

Number of Participants Needed: 12

Start Date of Recruiting: 7/01/2012

Closure Date: 12/12/12

Time Commitment Length: 1-2 hours

Time Commitment Frequency: This study requires only a single session in the University of Dayton’s Engineering Wellness and Safety Laboratory

IRB study/protocol approval information: IRB approved. Feel free to contact Dr. Mary Connelly, the Chair of UD’s IRB at (937) 229-3493 or IRB@udayton.edu.

Supplemental Information: A parent must stay in the room for the duration of the study. There is a side room with toys should a participant have accompanying siblings. The principal investigator has multiple years of experience in working with children with autism.


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