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Before we found LAC, we were lost and desperate. All the progress that we had accomplished in First Steps, Hospital Therapy and Early Intervention Preschool, disappeared when Sammy entered Kindergarten. The teachers didn’t know how to handle his autism, the principal told us he was aggressive and we were basically told they didn’t know what to do for us. He was dropped to a half a day and spent most of it on the iPad. Then, our therapists told us about Lighthouse. Your program and therapists are A GOD SEND!! Sammy spoke 50 words his first day!! I didn’t know he KNEW 50 words!! He’s progressing faster than we expected and mastering skills! The therapists truly care about him and always have good things to report. We still have rough days but Sam is a completely different boy! Lighthouse has changed his world, opened him up and in turn has improved all of our lives! We are beyond blessed by this opportunity and I thank each and every person we’ve meet and worked with! Without Lighthouse and this EXTRAORDINARY program, my little boy would still be locked into silence and frustration. Words cannot express my gratitude, but know that you’ve all been the answer to my prayers!! Merry Christmas and God Bless! Stephanie Perkins

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