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LAC has brought to our lives new inspiration.  Two years ago, on December 3rd, Lexi began her journey with your team.  I was nervous, excited, scared, and hopeful all at the same time.  Every question I had about our choice to bring her to you was running wild through my thoughts:  Would you understand her? Could you help her grow? Would you recognize her hidden intelligence? Would she be accepted? Would the staff love her and care for her the way we had always envisioned?

Every response is a resounding “YES!”  Lexi would be lost without LAC and the wonderful adults that support her.

Team Lexi has discovered our girl.  The smile, that no matter what kind of day you are having, can fill you with happiness.  That contagious laugh that comes from her toes.  Most recently, her new found teenage diva attitude…we all know what she would say to us when she gives us “the look.”  And her growth…wow, the changes we see.  Her dressing skills alone are huge milestones to our family.

We have never asked for a cure to autism (well not out loud to a doctor at least), but what you are able to accomplish with her reignites our hope that her story isn’t going to be defined by this disorder.  The small changes aren’t signs of a cure, but are keys that unlock our daughters world and make her thoughts more accessible to us.  With the work your staff does, pieces of Lexi are slowly emerging.  When other people have written her off, you have stayed the course.  We could never put into words our gratitude.  Thank you for walking along side us on this journey.

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