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Ginny’s Dr. appt.

I would just like to pass on some comments from Ginny’s Neuropsychiatrist, Dr. Steven R Best, M.D. at the Neuroscience Center in Deerfield, Illinois.  We were wrapping up our appointment this morning and Ginny stood up to put her coat on.  She attempted to do it herself and then looked up at Katy and said “Will you help me please” –  Katy then helped her with her coat.  Next, Ginny attempted to start the zipper then asked Katy “Help me zip please”.  Dr. Best was extremely pleased with what he witnessed.  He mentioned something to the effect of too often just being exposed to the negative and not being present to witness the positive.  He was very happy to see her improvement demonstrated in this way.  He then complimented Lighthouse Autism Center directly and said something along the lines of “Lighthouse is doing a great job with Ginny. Those people know what they are doing.  They deserve a gold medal”.

As you know, Katy and I believe you and the staff at LAC deserve a gold medal as well.
Please pass this on to your team.

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