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9 months ago we droppd Ethan off for his first day. We had no idea what to expect.  Ethan didn’t interact much. We were all frustrated and lost.

Fast forward these short months and WOW!  Ethan is a completely different kid! He expresses what he wants! He plays with his brothers and sister. He even looks for which sibling he wants! (Each one has something different to offer him). He calls for “da” and says “mama”. These things never happened before, and each time he calls us  we get a lump in our throats! He eats at the table with the family! We all love it when he waves and blows kisses! The list goes on and on!

Each of us is so incredibly grateful for all the hard work each of you at Lighthouse do every day for Ethan. (And Ethan truly loves the hugs and cuddles he gets) Thank you all so very much!

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