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January will be a  year since Dominic started at Lighthouse.  We have seen so much improvement in him both there and at home.  His sentence structure has improved, and using full sentences has become more of a routine…such a blessing!  The biggest thing I have noticed is that Lighthouse has taught him how to be sooooo much more patient with himself, and to keep trying.  A year ago he couldn’t play a video game for 30 seconds without getting frustrated and giving up , always wanting someone else to do it for him.   Now when we play Mario, he tries over and over again to jump on something until he gets it, so impressive!  They are teaching him to think outside of the box, if you can’t get something to work one way, try it another way (i.e. mom doesn’t let me have internet in the car, so now I record my own video of the shows I like to watch on Netflix).  I’ve gotten so many positive comments from family and friends, of how much more eye contact and connection they have with him now, THANK YOU LIGHTHOUSE!

Why do we love your staff at Lighthouse, Oh my goodness, there truly are a million reasons.  They love these kids… I mean they really love them, it is felt as soon as you walk in the doors.  Does my son say NO LIGHTHOUSE on a daily basis, of course he does….because you make him work, and you pull out from him these amazing abilities he has that are so deep inside no one has ever been able to find them.  Until Lighthouse.  His world is changing, and he is starting to see it, and its beautiful.

He truly does love you all, I know he does.  He doesn’t love the work, but he loves the people.  You have FUN with him, and as we know FUN and SILLY are such a part of Dominic …its how he truly connects to this world.  Lighthouse embraces this to the max, and always seems to try to put this into all they do with him.

You are all such a Blessing every day to us…by touching our kids…you touch us and there just isn’t enough THANK YOU’s to go around that would give this justice.  I hope your holidays are filled with love and many blessings!   You make a difference every single day in the lives of these very special people and in the lives of those of us who care for them

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