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On behalf of Brody’s grandparents, Aunt and Uncle, cousins, sister, and Mommy and Daddy, I would like to thank you and the entire Lighthouse staff for the work you’ve done with my son.  In just three short months, Brody has made amazing progress.  His communication and language skills have vastly improved, which has resulted in far fewer tantrums since he is better able to communicate with us what he wants or needs.  He responds to his name usually on the first or second time we call to him, whereas this summer it sometimes would take us saying his name up to ten times until he faced us.  I could go on and on, but the number one thing we want to thank the Lighthouse staff for is loving our child.  When my wife drops him off everyday, we feel confident that he is safe and in an environment that is not only instructive but also nurturing.  Whether it is a coordinator or a tech or a staff member, Lighthouse treats Brody as if he was a member of their family.  Please let your staff know how thankful we are for the treatment and care they give our son, and one day we hope to be in a position to give back in some way.

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