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Autism Boot Camp

On July 01, 2013 we were able to enroll our daughter into LAC.  As we like to say, Autism boot camp.:)  It was a long and winding road for us since January 2013 to get Morgyn enrolled because of insurance issues.  LAC stayed with us all along our journey.  We first met with LAC in October 2012, not too long after LAC opened.  My wife and I left that meeting feeling inspired, hopeful and having the mutual feeling of this is what Morgyn needs.  There are people out there who have been through this, and we are not alone.  Since enrolling, Morgyn is beginning to make the 180 degree turn we never thought was possible.  She is making great strides because of our LAC family.  Each and everyone of you who work with Morgyn is the reason.  To us we see you as Autism Angels.  We see people who care.  We see people who know this as a career, not a job.  We see compassion in everyone of you in your unwavering dedication to help. Most importantly we see Morgyn being treated as more, much more, than a statistic.  For without you there is, frankly, no hope in bringing out all of the qualities of our daughter.  For this we are greatful.

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