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The Lighthouse staff has won our hearts, and our gratitude, for the incredible job they do with Chaz and all the kids – it is evident that they love and care for, and find joy in, each one of the children.  As you all know, we moved to South Bend from Hawaii just over 5 years ago.  In Hawaii, the word “aloha” is commonly used for a friendly greeting and warm farewell, but it is also used to describe the spirit of one who is kind, welcoming, caring, and mindful.  The spirit of aloha infuses Lighthouse Autism Center and all that goes on within its walls.  It is shown by the staff in their interactions with the kids, from patient instruction to modify a behavior to firm determination to help master a new skill,  from lively joking and playfulness to quiet moments of comfort.  Loosely translated, aloha means “essence of life”, which is what I see when I walk through the doors – a staff dedicated to making a difference in the lives of kids with some significant challenges, quietly (or sometimes loudly) living the commandment to “have done unto the least of these”.


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