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Ally’s Transition

This is such a bittersweet day for us. Ally is so excited to start Kindergarten tomorrow and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the reception from Moran elementary school and her new teacher.
When we first toured LAC 18 months ago and met with Leila and Lisa I left in tears with so much hope and relief because we finally found a place that we knew could really help Ally. We never imagined that she would be at where she is today! The change in her is surreal to us and we’re just trying to keep up with her! Thank you so much Sandy for helping us navigate the insurance end of things or this wouldn’t have been possible!

Before Ally started at LAC I was spending on average 3-4 hours a day trying to just survive her tantrums. If I was lucky enough to get her dressed, she didn’t stay that way for very long. Shoes were not an option and her diet consisted of a handful of different foods. At school she spent most of her day hiding under a table. Her IQ scores were low average to well below average, putting her at about a 3 year old level.

Not only is Ally getting dressed on her own without a fight, she now insists upon dressing “fancy”. Last week she dressed up like a princess to go to Target. She now has 12 pairs of shoes and wears all of them without a fight. She’s turned into quite the girly girl. (I think I have Leila to thank for that one:) Her tantrums are few and far between and very age appropriate. A couple weeks ago she refused to do her math. I asked her why and she said “because I’m a princess and princesses don’t do math!” She now loves to eat at restaurants and is so excited to try new foods. We’re having so much fun going out to eat as a family! She is making new friends so easily and told me that at her new school she’s going to be a leader and a helper. I don’t think she’ll be hiding under the table this year! Her IQ scores at a first grade level are advanced to superior. In one year she went from not even recognizing her letters and numbers to reading and doing double digit math. But I think the biggest change for us as a family is the peacefulness in our house. She is the happiest we’ve ever seen her. I can’t even begin to find the words to thank you for that.

I know she’s ready, which makes it much easier to say goodbye, but at the same time you have all been such a huge support and help to our entire family and it’s hard to let that go.
Robert and I have would like to donate something to the center for the kids on Ally’s behalf. We’ve been brainstorming and talking about it for weeks. Some of the ideas we’ve had are a gaming system for the center like a Wii or PlayStation. Please let me know what you think or if you have any other ideas/something else that’s high on your wish list. Thank you!!!

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