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1 year Letter Brielle’s Mom

One year ago we dropped our daughter off at Lighthouse Autism Center for the first time. Despite knowing it was the right place for her to be, Eric and I were both a nervous wreck. Never did we imagine our daughter (who has stranger danger and had never been away from us) would, within weeks, not shed a tear when dropped off . Within months would run to her therapists without even looking back and after a year she actually would do better during the week when she goes to school then she does on weekends when she isn’t able to go. We couldn’t have asked for a better place for our daughter to be every day. Each and every therapist shows their passion for what they do and the change that we have seen in her the last year is remarkable.
Eric and I wanted to let everyone know how much we appreciate the love and care that you all show our daughter. So many of you have gone above and beyond to make us and her feel comfortable and to make Brielle happy. It is wonderful to have such a wonderful place full of people that understand Brielle instead of judge her. As parents that is one of the number one blessings we can ask for. Thank you and continue to do the great work that you do with all of these children! The world needs more people just like all of you!

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