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Shining Examples Winter 2017

Within 7 months, Maverick has made big strides at Lighthouse Autism Center.

When Maverick started at Lighthouse in March of 2017, he had a very limited vocal verbal repertoire. He could only say 4 to 5 words clearly and most of what he vocalized could not be understood by others. When presented with a task, his immediate reaction was to say “stop.”

Now, Maverick can say several words throughout the day with clear articulation. Sometimes he even uses 2-word phrases.

With his increasing communication skills, there’s also been a significant decrease in his behaviors. He’s compliant throughout the day, following through on tasks given to him. He rarely engages in head butting, hitting himself, or refusing tasks. Plus, he shows great interest in his peers and initiates interactions with them several times a day.

It’s exciting to see the progress Maverick is making here at Lighthouse. His parents are even seeing big changes in his behaviors at home!

“We could never say enough good things about Lighthouse and what they have done for our son,” said Maverick’s mom. “He Went from being nonverbal to now singing us songs on a daily basis. We are so thankful for everything Lighthouse has done for our family.”

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