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Shining Examples – Sage

child with autism

When Sage first enrolled at Lighthouse two years ago, he was shy, didn’t make eye contact, and would only communicate by dragging people to items that he wanted. His first days at Lighthouse were also met with frequent problem behaviors including refusing to do tasks, throwing objects, and showing aggression towards others. Fast forward two years and Sage has made incredible progress.

“Lighthouse has provided us hope that Sage will lead a normal life. Both my wife and I will never forget the first time we heard Sage say….l love you Mommy/Daddy! Sage wasn’t talking prior to his enrollment at Lighthouse. Who knows where’s he be today without their efforts,” said Sage’s parents.

Sage does not engage in problem behaviors and has made great strides in communication and social skills. He can vocally communicate his wants and needs independently, and makes eye contact, responds to greetings from others, and enjoys participating in group activities like gym class and music class with his peers.

Sage’s Program Manager, Bri said, “It has been such a joy to watch Sage grow during his time at Lighthouse. He is incredibly smart and has such a fun personality. Sage has made tremendous progress during his 2 years here. He has worked hard to gain communication skills, social skills, independent living skills, and academic skills. Watching him learn so many new skills has been extremely rewarding.” Sage is currently preparing to transition back
to school and will enroll full-time at a local school this Fall!

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