Connecting with Lighthouse to get your patient autism therapy services is easy. We’ve made it extra easy so that our partners can make referrals faster and children get the care they need sooner.


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High-Quality Staff

Low turnover and small case loads

Part of our mission is hiring the best staff and keeping the best staff. All our ABA therapists are Registered Behavior Technicians (RBTs) with college degrees. Additionally, our staff love it here so we have a seriously low turnover and small caseload-size.

Always 1 On 1 ABA

Children are ALWAYS accompanied by their ABA therapist with 1 to 1 pairing

At Lighthouse, we have committed ourselves to a 1 on 1 ratio between therapists and kiddos. The learning process benefits greatly from this 1 on 1 setting, so we made it a cornerstone of our therapy programs.

Real Data on Child's Progress

Therapy program managers review progress quartlery

Can you see the data? Lighthouse always makes sure that parents can see the data on their child's progress. We sit down with parents once a quarter to review a child's current triumphs and future goals.