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Lighthouse Autism Center is an autism behavioral therapy center providing the highest quality ABA therapy to children with autism. From our location in Mishawaka, Indiana, we specialize in applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy for autism. This therapy helps children refine previously learned skills, develop new skills and decrease socially significant problem behaviors.

Each child at our ABA center works one-on-one with a Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) and is under the supervision of a highly qualified Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). He or she receives a customtherapy plan focused on developmentally appropriate goals in the areas of social interaction, communication, play, motor development and academics.

If you’re interested in learning more about autism treatment for your child, contact us to schedule a tour today!here each day is carefully structured to create natural and planned learning opportunities, contact us.

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      We've Been Where You Are

      Owned and Operated by Parents of a Child with Autism

      Lighthouse Autism Center is an autism center in Michiana created by parents who’ve been where you are. Gregg and Sandy Maggioli have a son named Victor, who was diagnosed with autism in 2003. They understand the struggle that you go through as a parent when you are told your child has autism. They know how important it is to find the best autism treatment in Michiana for your child.

      Award Winning Management

      Recognized by the Autism Society of Indiana

      Until 2012, our founders held a variety of positions at an ABA center in Carmel, Indiana. In 2011, that center was recognized by the Excellence in Direct Care Award by the Autism Society of Indiana. Today, they apply that same expertise in providing quality Michiana autism treatment.

      Your Child's Full Potential

      ABA Therapy can help them reach it

      ABA therapy can help them reach it at the autism center Michiana families can trust

      Benefits of ABA Therapy for Autism 

      As a quality, intensive, center-based provider of ABA therapy, Lighthouse is the best place to seek  therapy services for your child with autism. Operated by an award-winning management team, our center provides the very best center-based ABA therapy in Michiana.

      • A scientifically validated approach to autism therapy endorsed by the U.S. Surgeon General
      • One-on-one, center-based therapy
      • An in-depth assessment from a Board Certified Behavior Analyst for every child
      • Goals that are developmentally appropriate and focused on a broad range of skills
      • Support to enable children to grow in independence for life
      • Constant ongoing objective measurement of progress
      • Regular family/staff meetings to plan and review child’s progress

      We have made it our mission to bring quality ABA therapy to children with autism. To learn more about our autism centers, and how we can help, schedule a tour today.

      Parent Testimonials

      We would like to say “Thank You” for all that you do with our little buddy Aidan. We’ve seen so much progress since has started at Lighthouse that it is hard for us to mention everything. The first thing is that he loves going to Lighthouse, and loves his therapists, although he will occasionally feign an illness to stay home. This was not the case with public school. Everyday was a battle to get him to school. We are so thankful that we learned of the center when we did.

      (read more) - Aaron and Michelle, South Bend, IN

      Since enrolling, Morgyn is beginning to make the 180 degree turn we never thought was possible. She is making great strides because of our LAC family. Each and everyone of you who work with Morgyn is the reason. To us we see you as Autism Angels. We see people who care. We see people who know this as a career, not a job. We see compassion in everyone of you in your unwavering dedication to help. Most importantly we see Morgyn being treated as more, much more, than a statistic.

      (read more) - Merle and Dawn, New Carlisle, IN

      The biggest thing I have noticed is that Lighthouse has taught him how to be so much more patient with himself, and to keep trying. A year ago he couldn’t play a video game for 30 seconds without getting frustrated and giving up , always wanting someone else to do it for him. Now when we play Mario, he tries over and over again to jump on something until he gets it, so impressive! They are teaching him to think outside of the box, if you can’t get something to work one way, try it another way

      (read more) - Shannon, Granger, IN

      9 months ago we dropped Ethan off for his first day. We had no idea what to expect. Ethan didn’t interact much. We were all frustrated and lost.
      Fast forward these short months and WOW! Ethan is a completely different kid! He expresses what he wants! He plays with his brothers and sister. He even looks for which sibling he wants! (Each one has something different to offer him). He calls for “da” and says “mama”.

      (read more) - Elizabeth, Bremen, IN

      Everyday we waited to hear from the school that we had to come get our son because they were not equipped to handle him. In fact, I use to take my cellphone in to sales calls because I needed to be available to go get him at a moments notice.
      The piece of mind I now take for granted, to an extent, when I drop him off is a true godsend. Everyone their seems genuinely interested in my son and his successes.
      I cant say enough for what your staff has done for our son myself and his mother!

      (read more) - Phil, South Bend, IN

      Lighthouse has changed his world, opened him up and in turn has improved all of our lives! We are beyond blessed by this opportunity and I thank each and every person we’ve meet and worked with! Without Lighthouse and this EXTRAORDINARY program, my little boy would still be locked into silence and frustration. Words cannot express my gratitude, but know that you’ve all been the answer to my prayers!

      (read more) - Stephanie, South Bend, IN

      Ally did something amazing this weekend! Yesterday morning she woke up and said “Mommy what day is it” with a huge grin on her face. I told her it was Sunday and she said, “No Mommy, what other day is it….it’s your day!” She remembered on her own. Robert was really sick all weekend and neither of us had talked to her about it being Mother’s day. She told me she was going to put on a show for me. She has never done this before.

      (read more) - Lisa, Osceola, IN

      Through the efforts of everyone there, he is very comfortable with Lighthouse. He makes comments, but it is more like the grumblings of being made to do something he really enjoys, but doesn’t want to admit. He talks about various people he knows from Lighthouse and you can tell that they are very important to him. It’s great that he has such a wide variety of people who work with him. And we want you all to know how much we appreciate the time that you spend to improve Nick’s skills and his life overall.

      (read more) - Rich and Cindy, Granger, IN

      LAC has brought to our lives new inspiration. Two years ago, on December 3rd, Lexi began her journey with your team. I was nervous, excited, scared, and hopeful all at the same time. Every question I had about our choice to bring her to you was running wild through my thoughts: Would you understand her? Could you help her grow? Would you recognize her hidden intelligence? Would she be accepted? Would the staff love her and care for her the way we had always envisioned?
      Every response is a resounding “YES!”

      (read more) - Jodi, South Bend, IN

      Thank you so much for all you have done and continue to do for Hunter. You not only fight for your own kid but for ours too! Whether he gets cut next time or the time after that, I could never thank you enough for what you guys have done for our family. I am ready for whatever plans we can try for next time, just let me know what to do. I will continue to fight till there are no more options! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!

      (read more) - Marc, Elkhart, IN

      *These testimonials were not solicited by Lighthouse Autism Center.

      Story of Success: Adam

      Imagine how alienating it would be if you found yourself unable to communicate with family, friends, colleagues, and staff - saddening and frustrating, not only for yourself, but for those around you. Such was the case with Adam. When he first came to LAC at the age of 12, Adam had no speech abilities and no potty training. He wasn't troublesome, but very depressed (likely because he had no way of communicating!). "Today, two years later, Adam is a totally changed child," said Executive Director, Gregg Maggioli. "While the crucial window of time in his speech development has passed, making verbal speech unlikely, Adam now knows and uses many signs allowing him to finally communicate. He is bright, happy, potty trained and continuing to learn."


      • No knowledge of signs and inability to communicate needs
      • Not able to use the bathroom independently
      • He did not engage his family or peers


      • He now knows 293 signs he uses to communicate
      • He is potty trained and values his privacy
      • Adam greets peers and family independently

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