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Getting to Know LAC Employees

Danica, an LAC Therapist, enjoys a pina colada with coworkers.
Danica, an LAC Therapist, enjoys a pina colada with coworkers.


Last Monday, Lighthouse held it’s first post-work, small group Happy Hour at Cheddar’s in Mishawaka. Five employees were selected from our various locations to meet with Executive Director, Gregg Maggioli, to get to know him as well as each other better. As LAC continues to grow, we believe it is important to get to know each and every one of our employees, and for our employees to feel connected, even though they work at different locations. This is an opportunity for a small group of therapists from all locations to meet, learn more about each other, and learn more about Gregg and LAC.  Thank you to all employees who participated in the first Happy Hour and making it such a success!

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One thought on “Getting to Know LAC Employees”

  1. That’s a great idea but you what Id like to see? How about the pictures and a little write-up of each employee on the FB LAC page? Especially with a new location opening and new employees coming in I think a lot of LAC parents would like this! Maybe one every couple days or so? Danica seems nice but who is she? 😉

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