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In September of 2016, Lighthouse Autism Center became the first employee owned Autism center in Indiana. We believe that our therapists, clinical, and administrative staff are the cornerstone of our company, and critical to achieving the best outcomes for the children and families that we serve. In addition to all of the other wonderful benefits offered by Lighthouse Autism Center, now each and every employee owns part of the company, and truly is a stakeholder in the success of each center.

A quote from one of our staff members, Katie, on how ESOP is making a difference for her.

“I have always felt like the staff and senior leadership of Lighthouse have had my back, and the decision to offer ESOP confirms that. Investment in the staff shows who Lighthouse places as one of it’s top priorities, it’s people. With great people, comes great therapy, and at the end of the day, that’s why we are here.”
– Katie, Sr. Program Manager

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