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Stages Learning Materials

For parents and professionals alike, Stages Learning Materials is a great resource for those caring for someone with autism. Started by an ABA Therapist  in the late 1990’s, it is now one of the leading sellers of autism related learning resources. Perhaps the most popular is the Language Builder Series an important tool for teaching things like receptive labeling, matching and sorting, and something that we do use here at Lighthouse Autism Center with many of our kids. To learn more about what Stages Learning Materials has to offer, visit their website at http://www.stageslearning.com/.


Telehealth for Autism

This month, Behavior Imaging Solutions announced the successful results of a small pilot study funded by one of Autism Speaks’ first Innovative Small Business Grants. The grant allowed the company to develop and test its new web-based “telehealth” system to improve medication management via the Internet for individuals with autism. Instead of an in-person appointment, the doctor asks caregivers to send relevant video clips using the company’s “Behavior Connect” software. The system may prove of particular value to families in locations remote from major medical centers with autism specialists.

In particular, the pilot study focused on the development and evaluation of a new mobile device app called Med SmartCapture. Through this system, a family can securely share home videos and other health information from their home. The system also includes tools that allow integrated access to personal health records.

Three caregivers and two doctors participated in the pilot study. The doctors reported that the video monitoring provided the behavioral information they needed to monitor and adjust medications appropriately. The participating families reported that they could maintain a consistent and informative relationship with their prescribing doctors.

“I am very excited about what Med SmartCapture will be able to do for patient care and communication between parents, educators and providers so that we are all putting our integrated energies in the same direction to help the kids we are working with,” said psychiatrist Robert Hendren. Dr. Hendren is the vice chair and director of the Autism and Neurodevelopment Program at the University of California, San Francisco Children’s Hospital.

Founded in 2005, Behavior Imaging recently received a $2.2 million grant by the National Institute of Mental Health to pursue Behavior Connect technology for earlier diagnosis of autism and related disabilities.


You can find the original article posted on Autism Speaks website here  http://www.autismspeaks.org/blog/2014/03/20/your-dollarswork-telehealth-autism

Lighthouse is Reaching Out


If there is one thing at Lighthouse that we are most proud of it is our continued effort to reach further to ensure that we are constantly and consistently providing the best therapy to our kids, we are excited to announce our partnership with Western Michigan University’s graduate program in behavior analysis.

The reason we decided to work with Western Michigan University is because they are known worldwide as one of the best ABA universities producing world class practitioners. Again, this allows us to be confident in our pursuit of helping each child achieve his or her fullest potential.

We are working closely with Dr. Richard Malott, a professor of psychology and member of the behavior analysis faculty at WMU. Dr. Malott is considered a leader in the field of ABA. He has won 2 Fulbright Senior Scholar Awards as well as the ABAI’s Award for Public Service in Behavior Analysis. His active involvement in the Association for Behavior Analysis International ensures that he stays in touch with ABA best practices. Dr. Malott is also responsible for developing the Behavior Analysis Training System at WMU. The BATS system is considered one of the most prominent ABA graduate programs in the United States and we are thankful to consider him part of our team.

If you have any questions about WMU, Dr. Malott or how Lighthouse can help you please give us a call. We will continue to strive to exceed expectations and offer Lighthouse families and the community the best ABA therapy available.

Consistency versus Chaos

A child with processing problems often has difficulty understanding all the sensory information that is coming at them. The world inundates us with billions of information bits that require processing on a second by second basis. There is information that comes in through our senses about function and structure of everything that one experiences. Qualities, movements, quantities, objects are all processed at the same time by the senses. When a child has a difficult time processing this information quickly, that is when they start to withdraw from the world and retreat into a world of their own thoughts.


Pretend for a moment that you are sitting in a calculus class, and this is the very first time you have been exposed to math. Continue reading