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Heart of the Matter, June 2017

For three years in a row, the Lighthouse Families First Foundation has partnered with Hockey 4 Life to bring autism awareness to the local community and help families in need.

Hockey 4 Life, a non-profit organization of civic-minded hockey enthusiasts, seeks to raise funds for local organizations through an annual hockey tournament, raffles, and silent auctions. We sponsor the event by providing scorekeepers for each game at the tournament while also sharing information about autism to participants and spectators.


In our three years together, hockey 4 Life has donated nearly $7,000 to the Lighthouse Families First Foundation! Their generous support helps LFFF provide scholarships for children in need of ABA services, gas cards for families to take their children to medical appointments, iPads and communication software for nonverbal children, and anything else useful for a family with special needs.

We are so thankful to Hockey 4 Life for their partnership, compassion and generosity. They help us to make a positive difference in the autism community. If you’d like to learn more about Lighthouse Families First Foundation or apply for a grant, please visit www.lhfff.org.

Heart of the Matter, November 2016

The holiday season is quickly approaching, and here at Lighthouse Autism Center we are already focused on how we’ll give back to our families, employees, and community.



In November, we will host our biannual “Parent’s Day Out” where Lighthouse Autism Center remains open on Saturday with staff who volunteer to give their time to our families. Parents are invited to drop off all of their children – and not just those who attend our center – and take the evening to do some holiday shopping, go to a movie, or simply relax. As a parent of a child with autism, I know how welcome and appreciated this is by our families.


Employees will have the opportunity to participate in an all-staff Christmas Party at the Oaks. This allows employees from all of our centers to come together and enjoy a potluck dinner, music, games and prizes. After a year of hard work and dedication to our center and the children we serve, it’s our goal to recognize our employees and show them how appreciated they truly are.


Finally, we feel it is important to give back to our local community during the holiday season. We will continue our tradition of adopting several families in need and providing gifts and essentials for them through what we call our “Giving Tree.” Employees and families at all centers come together to purchase clothing, food, household items, toiletries, toys and gifts. We wrap and deliver these items to our adopted families in an effort to give back to those less fortunate.

Heart of the Matter May 2016

April was Autism Awareness month, which made it an extra special time for those of us in the autism community. To celebrate, we participated in several fundraising events while also collecting donations for the Lighthouse Families First Foundation. The LHFFF allows us to help special needs children, adults, and their families outside of Lighthouse’s capabilities by giving 100 percent of the money raised to help those we assist.

On April 15, the Lighthouse staff volunteered at the annual Hockey 4 Life tournament. This group of civic-minded hockey enthusiasts raises money each year with their weekend-long event, which includes hockey games, a silent auction and a raffle. We helped keep score during the tournament while also passing out information on Autism Awareness to participants and spectators.


One of our Mishawaka Lighthouse Autism Center neighbors, Evil Czech Brewery and Public House, also promoted Autism Awareness to their customers throughout April. This included “A Night of Awareness” on April 21, which we co-hosted with  Evil Czech for the second time. On that night, Evil Czech donated 10 percent of all its sales to special needs families in the northern Indiana area. The event raised over $2,200 that will go directly to helping families in the area.

We can’t thank these groups, businesses and all those who participated enough for their compassionate generosity and support. Because of you, we’re able to make a positive difference in the lives of special needs children or adults and their families.

Heart of the Matter Fall 2015

In our last issue, we told you about starting the Lighthouse
Families First Foundation (LHFFF). This is a nonprofit organization
aimed at helping families with all ranges of disabilities and needs.
And even though the LHFFF is a new venture for us, it’s already
making a positive impact in the lives of families with autism.
In April, we held our first Dinner & Dance fundraiser at the Windsor
Park Conference Center. The event was a huge success and raised
over $30,000 that is directly benefitting special needs families.
For example, Brielle, four, and Zach, five, are two very different
children. Brielle loves Veggie Tales and jumping on the trampoline,
while Zach likes riding bikes and Legos. Both do have one important
thing in common though: they are both nonverbal. Through grants
made by the LHFFF, we purchased iPads and language software to
help both kids learn how to communicate their wants and needs.


We hope to continue to help local children and families in any
way that we can. The foundation is currently accepting grant
applications from anyone, including parents of current students. All
applications will be considered and grants will be made based on
each family’s needs, with no limit on grant amount at this time.
If you or someone you know could benefit from a grant, or want more
information, please contact us at 574-387-4313 or info@lhfff.org.
For anyone wanting to make a donation to the LHFFF, you can
either mail a check to the Lighthouse Families First Foundation at
3730 Edison Lakes Parkway, Mishawaka, IN 46545 or donate online
at lhfff.org/donate.
This is only the beginning for the Foundation. With your charitable
kindness, we can continue making a substantial difference in the life
of a special needs child or adult and their family. Thank you!

Heart of the Matter – Spring 2015

At Lighthouse Autism Center, we strive to provide quality ABA treatment for all those who are in need. By placing our focus on each child and their parents, we do everything we can to make a positive difference in their lives.

Yet, even with a dedicated, highly trained, and committed team of clinicians, there are some families who need assistance beyond Lighthouse. hey may be too old, may not need ABA therapy, or, Lighthouse may not be a good fit for them. No matter the reason, they still need assistance in other ways, and providing needed assistance is what we’re all about.

That’s why we started the Lighthouse Families First Foundation (LFFF) earlier this year. A nonprofit organization, the LFFF helps special needs children, adults, and their families outside of Lighthouse’s capabilities. And we’re already off to a successful start.

In honor of Autism Awareness Month in April, we held a variety of activities aimed at raising funds for autism care, along with an overall awareness of autism. The events included hosting a dinner and dance, and we set a month-long goal of raising $20,000 to benefit LHFFF. However, thanks to the heartwarming generosity of the Michiana community, we far exceeded our goal and raised over $30,000. LHFFF gives 100 percent of that money in various ways to the families we assist. For instance, we might provide an iPad with communication software for a nonverbal child, or a scholarship so a child can receive therapy. We even supply gas cards for families who can’t afford to get their child to and from therapy and medical appointments. By donating to the Lighthouse Families First Foundation, you can make a tangible difference in the life of a special needs child.

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