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Lighthouse Autism Center Announces New Center in Elkhart!

Lighthouse Autism Center, a therapy center for children with autism, is excited to announce it will be opening a new center in Elkhart, Indiana. This will be the seventh location for Lighthouse Autism Center, which opened its first center in Mishawaka, Indiana in 2012.

Lighthouse Autism Center provides intensive, center-based therapy utilizing the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). The therapy programs are year-round and each child’s therapy plan is uniquely tailored to their specific needs. Currently, ABA therapy is the only behavioral intervention recommended by the United States Surgeon General for individuals with autism.

Lighthouse was founded by Gregg and Sandy Maggioli, who are parents to a son with autism and have nearly a decade of experience working in autism services.

“We are excited to bring our services to the Elkhart community. With over seven years of experience providing quality ABA therapy and as parents of a child with autism ourselves, we know how important these services are for families,” says Gregg Maggioli, Founder and Executive Director of Lighthouse Autism Center.
The new center will be located at 23426 US-33 in Elkhart. The center is projected to open in September. To schedule a tour or learn more about enrolling your child, contact our Family Outreach Coordinator at 574-387-4313.

Plymouth Open House


The Lighthouse Autism Center is now open in Plymouth. Located at 1550 Pidco Drive, the center officially opened on August 18, one year after the community call-out meeting in 2014 that led to its development. It’s always been our mission to bring quality ABA services to those that need them. We’ve now done that in Plymouth with the help of the entire community. Currently, the center assists eight families in the area, and will eventually serve eighteen families. We look forward to continuing our work in Plymouth so we can keep bringing services and assistance to families with autism. The credit for the incredible amount of work that made the new center possible goes to many dedicated people. They include our founders, Gregg and Sandy Maggioli, the entire Lighthouse Autism Center staff, and most importantly, our friends and partners in Plymouth. Without the support of local parents, families, teachers, advocates, and organizations, opening the center would not have been possible. We would like to especially thank Penny Hines, the Collins Family, ARMC, JESSE, and Crossroads Church. Your support and generosity were central to making the Plymouth Lighthouse Autism Center possible. Our staff invites parents and families interested in learning more about Lighthouse and ABA services to come in for a visit. We welcome the opportunity to show how we can make a positive difference in your lives.

Open Enrollment 2015

A health insurance plan covering ABA services is necessary for any family who has a child with autism. For those that may not currently have health insurance, now is the time to enroll. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) created a new way for families to enroll in insurance, it’s called open enrollment. This is a yearly period when individuals
can enroll in a plan through the Health Insurance Marketplace. To obtain insurance coverage for 2016, you must purchase a policy between November 1, 2015 and January 31, 2016. While you may purchase a policy anytime during this period, the policy will not go into effect until January 1, 2016. It’s important to note that ACA plans are fully funded and are mandated to include coverage of autism services. This does not affect the cost of the plan in any way.
“We cannot stress enough how important open enrollment is. We encourage all families to purchase a policy if they are able to as open enrollment only comes once a year. If you choose not to enroll now and find you need insurance later, you will have to wait until the next open enrollment period before being able to purchase a policy. For a child with autism, that could mean valuable time without much needed ABA services,” says co-founder of Lighthouse Autism Center, Sandy Maggioli. The Insurance Department at Lighthouse Autism Center has been working very hard researching which policies will be available and will most benefit families with autism. They found several affordable policies with monthly premiums lower than what the average parent pays for a month of childcare. To learn more or inquire about purchasing a policy, you can contact Lighthouse Insurance Coordinator, Michele Rohyan, at 574-387-4313. When asked how Lighthouse can help families, Sandy Maggioli said, “We’ll help families find a policy that is right for them and even help them apply for grants to cover their out-of-pocket expenses. It is our goal to help families in any way we can, starting with the insurance process.”

Plymouth is Home to Our Fourth Lighthouse Center

Lighthouse Autism Center opens in Plymouth, August 2015!
Lighthouse Autism Center opens in Plymouth, August 2015!

Starting in August, Lighthouse will begin to offer therapy services to Plymouth and the surrounding communities. he center will be located in Plymouth and will be home to our newest – and fourth – Lighthouse Autism Center. With this location we’ll be able to provide much-needed ABA therapy to families in those communities.

“Several of our families who are enrolled at our Mishawaka and Warsaw locations are actually from the Plymouth area. Some of these parents are willing to drive over an hour back and forth everyday to get their kids the therapy they need because there are no other options in their communities,” said Gregg Maggioli, Executive Director.

Realizing there was a growing need, Lighthouse organized a community interest meeting to gauge the need for autism therapy services in Plymouth and the surrounding areas. “The turnout from families, local schools, doctors, and advocates was outstanding and largely solidified our decision to open a center there. With the support of the community and the need for the ABA therapy services we provide, there was no question that opening a center in Plymouth was the next step for Lighthouse,” said Gregg.

The new center will initially have 12 children and a staff of 16 and we expect to grow to 18 children and a 30-person staff. Opening a center in Plymouth will have a positive effect on the availability of services in Northern Indiana. Once the new center opens, Gregg notes that the Plymouth-area families enrolled at the Mishawaka and Warsaw locations will be transferring to the Plymouth locations. This will in turn free spots at our Mishawaka and Warsaw locations to serve more families in those areas.

Families now have more options than ever before for providers of autism treatment. Amongst these providers, Lighthouse has emerged as a leader in autism therapy in Northern Indiana. “Through the opening of our center in Plymouth, it is our hope to continue our mission of bringing quality, center-based therapy to communities who are in need of ABA services,” said Gregg.

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Lighthouse Opens Second Center in Mishawaka- April 2014

20140331_090329_resizedAs you know, the prevalence of Autism and need for Autism care in our community is significant and overwhelmingly underserved. Because of the growing need
throughout the Michiana area, Lighthouse will open its second center, located in Mishawaka, in April – in honor of National Autism Awareness Month. “Opening a new center in Mishawaka has allowed us to create the Early Learner Program – a program aimed at even more focused therapy for our youngest age group – the two- to six year-old group that’s so crucial to reach,” said Gregg Maggioli, Executive Director. “This program is 100% designed to best meet the needs of our children and help facilitate transition into a school program. We see the goals of the new Mishawaka center and the ELP program as one in the same – to help children reach their full potential.” The ELP program is completely individualized and targets the youngest age groups because of
the documented studies that show a higher success rate. “The earlier we can provide therapy for this age group, the best chance we have of helping them reach their full potential,” said Maggioli. “There’s a danger in waiting. You can never get that time back. Parents and physicians should never take a wait-and-see approach. What is a limitation later on could have been an obstacle avoided if we could only have intervened with therapy.”

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