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What Are The Characteristics of Aspergers


the characteristics of Aspergers, set it apart from other diagnosis on the Autism Spectrum.  Autism and Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) are two general terms that are used to describe a group of complex disorders of brain development. In general these disorders are characterized in varying degrees by:

  • Difficulties in social interaction
  • Verbal and nonverbal communication
  • Repetitive behaviors

This group includes:

  • Autistic Disorder
  • Rett syndrome
  • Childhood disintegrative disorder
  • Pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified
  • Asperger’s syndrome Continue reading

Impact of Dropping Asperger’s from the DSM-V

A big change is about to take place in the soon to be released Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, more commonly known as the DSM-V. Asperger’s syndrome is going to be dropped from the manual and instead it will fall under the category of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). The American Psychiatric Association released a statement stating that, “The new criteria

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